Now I protect my email more with this simple change that you can make

Protecting email is essential, since it is a service where you can have important content stored. In certain cases, you can put your email at risk and with it all your accounts. In this article I am going to tell you about a specific case where your email could be stolen and what change you can make to prevent this from happening. The goal is to protect your account, avoid viruses and even password theft without you realizing it.

Using the cloud protects your email

This simple change consists of use the cloud. Why does it help protect email? In my case, to print documents I usually go to a store where there is a public computer. If you connect a flash drive, you run the risk of getting a virus. If you put your e-mail, maybe they have a keylogger and steal your password.

What I do is use the cloud. There is many online services. I simply use any one, that is reliable, only for these cases. There I upload the files that I need to print, without risking a physical memory or my e-mail. It is as simple as logging into that cloud platform from the public PC and printing the necessary documents.

In the worst case, if that computer had a virus, such as a keylogger to steal passwords, they would steal the cloud account That I’m using. Since it is a service that I use only for these cases, it would not really affect me beyond that. In addition, to reduce risks, the ideal is to delete the files that you have uploaded every time you go to print. In this way, in case they enter they would find an empty account.

Cloud services there are many. Just by doing a Google search, you will find many free pages to upload content. For specific things like printing documents, you don’t need it to have a lot of space. Do not use a cloud where you have a lot of things saved, such as your main one.

Use a secondary email, another option

But there is a second option with which you will also be able to maintain the security of your e-mail when you go to public places to print documents, for example. It is simply a matter of using a second email account. As in the case of the cloud, you will only have to log in to that account and you will not compromise the main one.

There are disposable emails, which are basically a email account It expires after a while. You can use them simply to send you documents that you need to print, you use it once and you never use it again. They are free and easy to use.

In this way, too you will avoid having to use a flash drive to go to a store to print. Viruses could sneak into a public computer through a USB memory and then infect your home computer. Keep in mind that anyone can use that computer where you are going to print.

As you can see, using the cloud to print documents on public computers is a good security measure for protect your email. You can also use a secondary email, in order to avoid having to put the main one and thus avoid computer attacks.

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