Never do this with a WiFi repeater or you will have problems

To achieve a good wireless Internet connection, one option to consider is install a Wi-Fi repeater. They are easy to use, inexpensive, and can give good results. The problem is that what we mentioned does not always happen. It is possible that you will see that the coverage does not really improve, nor does the speed. We are going to tell you about a very common mistake that you should never make if you do not want to have problems with your wireless repeater.

Do not move the repeater too far from the router

When we use a Wi-Fi repeater it is usually because the signal does not reach an area of ​​the house well. For example a room that is too far from the router. The problem is that we tend to put the wireless repeater in any area, simply because that is where we need the best signal.

What happen? In many cases we put the repeater too far from the router. Even if it receives a better signal than a computer or mobile phone, putting it at a excessive distance It may cause you to not receive enough coverage to be able to offer a connection to other devices that we connect. It basically means that we are going too far by moving it away from the router.

What you should do is place the repeater in a area where you can receive the signal well. Obviously you will have to move it away from the router so that it can serve other devices, but without moving it too far away. You must find the balance point so that it receives enough signal so that you can connect other devices.

It is also a mistake to put it in an area where it has interference or there are large walls that can block the signal. Move it away from devices that use Bluetooth, for example, since they use the 2.4 GHz frequency. You should also avoid putting it in a corner, where it has problems receiving and emitting a signal.

Look for an alternative to the repeater

The problem comes when you need to take the connection too far from the router. As you can see, putting the repeater too far away can be a problem and you could not connect correctly. Therefore, what you can do is look for an alternative that works better to take the connection to other areas and, for example, have a good Internet to watch 4K videos.

What alternatives can you use? One of them is to have PLC devices. They are devices that work through electrical wiring. You connect one next to the router and take another to another area of ​​the house. They use electrical wiring to carry the Internet connection and are quite stable, with less loss than if you connect a repeater wirelessly.

You can also choose to use a Mesh Wi-Fi system. In this case there are several satellites that are connected to each other. Instead of connecting to the router, like a wireless repeater does, they connect to each other. This will allow the signal to reach further, so you can cover an area of ​​even several hundred square meters. Very useful for a large home or when there are several floors.

As you can see, moving the repeater away from the router is a mistake. That will cause the signal to weaken and you won’t really be able to connect other devices. What you can do is use an alternative, such as PLC devices or Mesh systems. In this way you can improve your connection and go further.

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