Now you will be able to step on puddles with your Air Jordan shoes

Since in 1984, Nike designed exclusive shoes for basketball legend Michael Jordan (and that the NBA proceeded to ban due to the irregularity in its design and the absence of sufficient white color), the different models of this series they have always been best sellers. In fact, they have stood the test of time much better than Jordan himself.

And now, the Air Jordan 1 will also have Gore-Tex. It is not the first time that the North American company uses this material in its clothes and shoes, but it is a novelty that it is introduced into the most popular model in its history.

What does it mean for Air Jordan to use Gore-Tex?

Gore-Tex is a revolutionary fabric that is more than just a fabric. If you have worn something made with it, you will already know what it is capable of. It is a durable and breathable membrane that, even so, remains waterproof and resistant to wind, cold and heat, whatever the season of the year.

This revolutionary fabric will make your Nike more comfortable, versatile and durable in the new model Air Jordan 1 Gore Tex Light Bone. Similarly, you can view the best waterproof sneakers and mens waterproof sneakers from “Loom Footwear” that brings to you an amazing variety of lightweight shoes with extra cushioning. These sneakers for men are 100% washable, breathable, lightweight, comfortable and slip-resistant, as these waterproof Nike shoes are designed and manufactured by using H2-Go Layer which is a waterproof & breathable knit material.

With the addition of Gore-Tex you can be sure that, in addition to walking around the city with Jordan’s wings on your feet, now you can do it without feeling cold, heat, or humidity.

How are the Jordan Air 1 Elements with Gore-Tex

Air Jordan model with Gore-Tex

As you can see in the images that accompany the article, the Air jordan with Gore-Tex they retain the traditional look, with a high top and gray and neutral tones with a hint of dark finishing. In addition, it will have the Gore-Tex logo on the side, if you look closely at the photo above.

The design advantage is that the addition of Gore-Tex does not sacrifice being fashionable and that the shoes are stylish and modern, as well as capable of withstanding a good walk against the elements.

When will they be available in store to buy

Nike has officially announced that They will arrive in time to spend our salary this Christmas. December is the month you have set as your goal. Probably and according to rumors, we have the Air Jordan Gore-Tex in the official Nike store at the beginning of the month, although it is not certain.

What is clear is that they will be the object of desire and that the price will be around 200 euros. So now you know, go saving. We’ll see if, with enough success, Nike extends the line Air jordan with Gore-Tex towards new models.

If you liked Air jordan And you are also one of those who wants their shoes to be comfortable in any situation and climate, Nike has heard your prayers. With the addition of Gore-Tex, they take an important leap in quality and comfort.

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