[O QUE ESTAMOS JOGANDO?] The Adventure Pals, Traveller’s Rest, Cozy Grove, Zig Zag, Free Fire: see the May selection

This month’s What We’re Playing list is for everyone. There are cute games like The Adventure Pals and Cozy Grove. “Refreshments” for the head like the Zig Zag. A little time to make beer with Traveller’s Rest and reinvented classics with “Patroa” Anitta’s Free Fire. Check out our list!

What are we playing?

The Adventure Pals
Per: LLouis Walnut

As I wait to play “Evil Dead: The Game” on Friday the 13th, I decided to venture into some games I’ve had my eye on for a while. Taking advantage of a PlayStation Store promotion, I decided to grab “The Adventure Pals”.

The game puts the player in control of a boy who, along with his best friends – a giraffe and a rock -, must find a way to save the world from a villain who decided to turn everyone into a hot dog.

Yes, the premise is crazy and only reinforces the journey that is the game. The title is a tribute to classic platform games and, therefore, has several elements of these games. In addition to the good humor in most of the speeches with characters, the game stands out for its balanced difficulty and the setting, which is quite interesting – even more so when we know that the title was made by hand.

Available to: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, macOS, Mac OS (via Steam).

I’m Ping Pong King
[O QUE ESTAMOS JOGANDO?]  The Adventure Pals, Traveller's Rest, Cozy Grove, Zig Zag, Free Fire: see the May selection Per: Marcelo Rodrigues

Image: Reproduction

This month of May, the request continues to be revisiting old extremely addictive mobile games. The choice of the time was ZigZag, an arcade with simple gameplay, but that will make you glue your eyes to the screen and tear your hair out with each Game Over. In short, just touch the corners of the screen to make a ball change direction and snake through an infinite scenario that dissolves behind you. The game starts easy and gets more and more challenging. The desire to get higher and higher scores and release new skins, however, prevents you from throwing your cell phone at the wall – or leaving the game aside.

Available to: android and iOS.

Traveller’s Rest
[O QUE ESTAMOS JOGANDO?]  The Adventure Pals, Traveller's Rest, Cozy Grove, Zig Zag, Free Fire: see the May selection Per: Alvaro Scola Neto

Stardew Valley was one of the indie games I enjoyed the most in recent years. Traveller’s Rest I ended up finding it by chance and I ended up fascinated by it bringing management elements with some elements of this other classic I mentioned.

In the title, you take on the role of a tavern owner, being responsible for everything from serving customers to manufacturing the furniture and, of course, the beer for your establishment.

Available to: Microsoft Windows and MacOS (both via Steam)

Cozy Grove
Tissiane Vincentin Per: Tissiane Vincentin

The indie Cozy Grove is a cozy game like a bear hug! And speaking of bears, they are the main characters in the game – spirits who have left unfinished business around the island and who you, as a spectral scout who specializes in handling this kind of spiritual work, will help them wrap up their stories. The game has a very Animal Crossing style feel – crafting items, fishing, changing clothes, organizing your own “house” (which in this case, is a tent, because you’re following on the island) – but the art is completely different (and I particularly like it better!). It’s a very quiet game to pass the time.

Available to: Nintendo Switch
Free Fire
[O QUE ESTAMOS JOGANDO?]  The Adventure Pals, Traveller's Rest, Cozy Grove, Zig Zag, Free Fire: see the May selection Per: Renata Aquino Ribeiro

A classic that reinvents itself is always interesting. Free Fire announced a partnership with Brazilian popstar Anitta with the arrival of the character “A Patroa”. The action also includes Mistress’ Cup with women’s teams from communities and Anitta as godmother.

Broadcast on open TV, by RedeTV!, in addition to the networks, the Patroa Cup will be held directly from Garena’s studios, in São Paulo. The two best-placed teams at the end of the championship will guarantee direct access to the COPA FF, which will start on June 22. The winning team will take home a trophy and a cash prize of R$10,000.

Available to: iOS and android

This was another edition of “What We’re Playing”, an integral part of our monthly special lists with the newsroom’s favorites (or not). To see past issues and also know what we’re reading or watching, click here. Don’t forget to leave a comment to let us know what you’ve been playing too! Until later.

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