Don’t lose your keys anymore; this is how a bluetooth locator works

Technology helps us in many aspects of our daily lives. More specifically, home automation is something that is increasingly present and allows us to automate some tasks or make better use of resources. In this article we are going to talk about a very useful type of device, such as a locator keys. Its objective is to prevent us from losing our house keys, since it will always tell us where we have them. If you are one of those who frequently lose them, here you can find out how Bluetooth works in these cases.

How does a key finder work?

A bluetooth key finder allows us to know where we have left the keys. It is common that we place them somewhere in the house and then we do not know where. This happens especially when we don’t always leave them in the same place. Sometimes in a hurry we leave them on a table, in a drawer or at the entrance of the house.

This type of device works via Bluetooth. It’s basically a small appliance that you can put on your key chain and it uses a battery as a battery and it will last a few months. It will act as receiver. It will be linked to an application that we install on the mobile. Simply by accessing that program, it will detect where the device is. Of course, the keys have to be within range, since it works through Bluetooth.

In some cases, these applications create a location map. In this way, it will record the last location where the keys were connected to the mobile via Bluetooth. If they are very far away and at that moment it is not within range (for example, if you are at home and left them in the car or in the office), you will be able to see the last location where you were near the keys. and you can go for them.

You can use it on anything

Keep in mind that It is not something exclusive for keys, although it is the most common; you will also be able to place this device in a backpack, purse or even pets. At the end of the day, the operation is the same and the objective is to detect where something is at a given moment.

Undoubtedly the main mission of this type of device that works through the Bluetooth is to avoid the loss of devices or anything. If you forget your keys, want to keep track of a bag or any item, it is a very interesting option so you can gain comfort and not worry a bit about where you leave things.

And how much does a key locator cost? You will find different options and more or less all of them have a similar functionality. The price varies, but to give you an idea you can find options from €18-20 on Amazon. Of course, in many cases it is cheaper to buy a pack of several devices of this type to be able to put them on different keychains, for example.

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