Offers on Windows and Office licenses on Cdkeysales for 11.11

Black Friday 2022 is very close, so it’s a great time to buy Windows and Office licenses and then buy a laptop or a desktop computer with no operating system installed. In this way, you can save the approximately €100 that the same equipment costs more. Also, with these cheap licenses from cdkeysales Due to the 11.11 offers that we bring you today, you will be able to activate the Windows operating system or the Office suite through the Internet, so the process is really fast. Do you want to know the best deals on licenses to use them on the PC you are going to buy? Next, you have all the offers.

Offer on these Microsoft licenses

If you are interested in buying Windows or Office licenses at the best price, today for 11.11 we have really interesting offers to save you as much money as possible. Today you can buy Windows 10 licenses for only €13, and the Office 2021 suite for less than €45, so it is a complete bargain compared to buying them on the official Microsoft website. It is very important that you apply the coupon “RD35” in all these offers, to obtain an additional 35% discount compared to the official price marked on the cdkeysales website.

If you want to buy licenses for the Microsoft office suite, you can buy the 2021, 2019, 2016 version and also the Home and Student 2019 version on sale.

Finally, if you want to buy a Windows and Office license pack, you can buy it at a very interesting discount here:

As you can see, we have significant discounts on Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses and also on the different versions of Microsoft Office.

Windows purchase and activation process

The purchase process at cdkeysales is very simple. In order to make the purchase correctly, the first thing you must do is register on the web, entering an email and confirming the account created. Once this is done, you can go to the links that we have left you previously, to proceed with the purchase of the license. Once you have entered a product, you must click on “BUY” to add it to the shopping cart.

In the “Order confirmation” section you must add the promotion code, in this case you must add the code RD35 to obtain an additional 35% discount compared to the price that we have marked on the official website.

Once we have made the payment for the purchased product, if we go to our user profile in cdkeysales, we will be able to see in the “My purchases” section that the license we just bought will appear. If we have purchased a Windows or Office license, we can see in the “Keys/Codes” section the license that we must copy to activate the software.

Once we have the license code copied, we must go to the menu «Home / Settings» and then click on «Update and security» and in the «Activation» section you will have everything you need to proceed with the activation of the operating system, including a hyperlink that will take you directly to the Windows activation wizard.

Thanks to these cdkeysales offers, you will be able to save a great deal of money, in addition, the process of purchasing and activating the operating system or Office is very simple, and all this through the Internet, without the need to call any phone number . We remind you that you can pay with PayPal safely.

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