On Mars: Alien Invasion begins its campaign on Giochistarter

It started on the portal Giochistarter the crowdfunding campaign for the realization of Alien Invasion, the first expansion of the board game On Mars.

Let’s see together what it offers us Vital Lacerda to enrich the gaming experience of his title set on the red planet.

On Mars: Alien Invasion is on Giochistarter

On Mars is a title for 1 to 4 players, where the author’s style emerges in an important way; it is a very popular board game, which we too have included among our proposals of the best board games set in space and space-themed.

In this regard, here is our Let’s Play video for a more in-depth look at the title in question.

Thanks to the use of this expansion, the On Mars player counter expands up to 5 players. Alien Invasion, the “somewhat collaborative” expansion, sees the arrival on the red planet of visitors from far away, and not with peaceful intentions.

This product includes 4 different modules, in order to diversify the gaming experience. With Alien Invasion, the On Mars board game not only acquires a collaborative component, but it is also possible to play it “all against 1”, where obviously the green men are one.

At the same time as the campaign on Giochistarter, the English one on Kickstarter is taking place; but it is only through the GiochiX portal that it is possible to grab a copy of the game with the Italian language pack, as it was for the original game.

It is possible to join the campaign on Giochistarter for another 19 days, at a cost of 43.95 euros; Delivery of the On Mars Alien Invasion expansion is scheduled for June 2022.

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