Pay only €11 for Windows 10 lifetime license and €22 for Office in the summer offers

If you are interested in buying Windows or Office licenses at a really competitive price, here are the best deals of the week to save a lot of money. In recent years, manufacturers have desktop computers and laptops without a Windows system, to make their equipment as cheap as possible, therefore, we will need to buy a legal Windows license to activate it correctly and without security risks when using activators. If you want to know all the offers available at, then you have them all.

Discounts on Windows and Office licenses

If you want to buy any Windows license at the best price, you must apply the discount coupon “RD35” when you have added any of the following licenses to the shopping cart. You can choose between Windows 10 Home or Pro versions, and also Windows 11 Home or Pro, depending on what you need.

If you want to buy Office licenses in any version, you also need to apply the discount coupon “RD35” to enjoy the best discounts.

Finally, at cdkeysales we also have license packs to save even more money by buying Windows and Office together.

As you can see, today we have very interesting prices on cheap Windows and Office licenses, take advantage of the offers before they run out!

How to buy licenses and activate Windows

To buy any license at, it is enough to go to any of the links that we have given you before. Once we are within the chosen license, the purchase process is really simple, in addition, you can easily pay with PayPal. For example, if we want to buy a Windows 10 Pro license, you go to the exact link of that specific license and you will see the following screen:

To buy it is necessary to register on the web, once we have registered, we continue with the purchase process. The most important part is to enter the discount coupon “RD35” that we have previously indicated in the “Promotion code” section. In this way, they will automatically give us a 35% discount compared to the normal price that we have on the official website. After this menu we will have the payment, we can do it with a card or pay with PayPal, our recommendation is to use PayPal directly.

Once we have paid for the license, all the information about the license we just bought will appear in our user menu. At the bottom we can directly see the license code that we will have to put in the Windows operating system.

Once we have the Windows 10 Pro license purchased, we have to go to our operating system to activate it correctly.

The easiest thing is to go to «Home / Settings / Update and security«, now in the left menu click on «Activation«, and we will get a hyperlink that will take us to the activation wizard of the operating system itself. To perform the activation it is absolutely necessary that we have an Internet connection, otherwise, it will not be able to validate the license and it will give an error.

As you can see, the purchase process at and the activation of the Windows operating system is very simple, and above all, very fast, since we don’t have to wait hours or days to get the Windows license, it’s something almost instant.

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