“Piracy as a service”, the new threat to Hollywood and Netflix

The piracy as a service has been designated by the MPA as the new threat to copyright. In the new report from the group that represents the main Hollywood studios and streaming services like Netflix, as usual, figures of spectacular “losses” are collected and also lists the usual suspects, including the big portals of torrent networks.

The latest report from the Motion Picture Association provides a detailed overview of the piracy landscape. Or what they understand as such, because covers all kinds of copyright infringement from a simple copy of a CD for which you have paid religiously.

Those mentioned are known and included torrent sites, streaming portals, IPTV services, cyberlockers and others. The Pirate Bay receives a prominent mention, as do YTS and RARBG. Other familiar names are Uploaded, Fmovies,, Cuevana3,, and MPA says the list is not exhaustive and has focused on ‘high quality sites» [sic] and those featuring recently released or released entertainment content.

Piracy as a service

If the corporate market handles concepts like SaaS (software as a service); DaaS (desktops as a service); PaaS (platforms as services) and since cybersecurity firms are alerted to malware as a service, the MPA report includes another concept of this style.

«This year, for the first time, our presentation includes ‘Piracy as a service’ as a new category«, Describes the MPA, adding that these services illustrate«the scale, sophistication and cost-effectiveness of modern commercial copyright infringement services online«.

This PaaS of hacking refers to the tools and services that make it easy for potential pirates to set up and operate a copyright infringement campaign. “PaaS offerings are a set of out-of-the-box services that make it easy for would-be hackers to create, operate and monetize a hacking campaign. PaaS providers lower entry barriers to commercial piracy », they clarify.

It is nothing new, but it is the first time it has been cited by MPA. According to the group, this service includes ready-made templates to connect to the content of streaming sites, content management systems that provide access to pirated content, IPTV panels, or hosting providers for video or other content that hide the offending links.

In its presentation, MPA highlights several of these “offerings,” including the XFileSharing scripts, the Njalla domain registrar, the IPTV Smarters management suite, and the video embedding service.

He also mentions the domain registrations, including those managing .IS, .To, and .TV. common used by pirates and also charges against «the problematic role»That can be performed by advertisers, advertising agencies and hosting companies. These include AdsKeeper, Propeller Ads, 1XBET, BlueAngelHost, Ddos-Guard, and many others. Neither are major search engines like the Chinese Baidu escaping criticism, which in their opinion should do more in technologies for filtering and eliminating pirated content.

The report lists dozens of sites and services that facilitate piracy, profit from it, or both. By expressly mentioning them, the MPA hopes the United States will encourage foreign governments to take action.

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