Pixel Watch alarm tends to ring late

Connected watches have become concentrates of technology and functionalities, but their main function must remain to help users be on time. And Google’s Pixel Watch seems to have some hiccups in this regard.

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More and more users are using a connected watch to wake up. The device’s wrist vibrations are a gentler way to wake up than your smartphone’s shrill alarm. But the Pixel Watch marketed by Google for a few months would be subject to a major problem: the alarm would sometimes tend to go off later than at the indicated time.

9To5Google reports that many cases are already listed, and that the bug occurs randomly. The alarm can work well one day and not the next, while the delay time varies, usually between one and ten minutes, which is enough to stress us out in the morning when we are in a hurry. In rarer cases, the alarm would sound before the scheduled wake-up time.

The watch whose alarm is overdue

The media mentions the possibility that the concern stems from the fact that the Pixel Watch is in sleep mode or in a period of inactivity when the alarm is supposed to activate. In this state, it may not function properly continuously to vibrate at the exact time selected by the user, causing this lag. It seems that the problem is not related to a specific software update.

It’s a shame that such a basic feature as an alarm clock fails, especially on a smartwatch. This is the first model launched by Google under the Pixel range, and the product has yet to mature. A few days ago, Google for example communicated that a fall detection function is now available on the Pixel Watch.

Also remember that the Pixel Watch does not offer an advanced wake-up function, such as Fitbit’s Smart Wake-up option, which allows you to avoid being awakened during deep sleep to get up in better shape. By analyzing sleep cycles, it manages to determine the best time to wake the user, starting from 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Google can take the seed.

Source : 9To5Google

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