Pool Streams On Twitch: Should They Be There?

Twitch is one of the largest online platforms for streaming. Millions of people worldwide use it to stream content – and millions watch this content. As is usually the case, people have found myriad things to record and stream content about, such as playing slot online casino games, for example. So, every once in a while, a crazy new idea comes to fruition, and people flock toward it like crazy. At least for many people, one such interesting stream type is pool streaming. Are there any merits to it, or should it be banned from the platform?

The Twitch Streaming Landscape

Consider first that there are many other things to stream content about:

  • Videogames,
  • Sports events,
  • Lifestyle content,
  • DIY content,

and anything else in-between. That being said, it also holds that not every type of content is allowed to be streamed on the Twitch platform. Outright violent content or racist content, or full-on nudity content, is banned. So, where do pool streams come into play?

The Nature of Pool Streams

For lack of a better explanation, pool streams usually involve streamers lounging about the pool in bikini suits or swimming pants. Of course, they may do all sorts of things as the stream unfolds. They may be reading books, lying, or interacting with their audience.

Where people start to form opposition towards the pool streaming trend is that it usually offers no real value to people. Also, even though the people in these streams usually wear clothing – it tends to be minimal. So, people typically see lovely ladies with their butts and breasts in front of the view, which may be considered a policy breach on Twitch.

This is especially a problem once you consider that many underage people use the platform. Children can become exposed to this content, which could influence them wrongly. So, parents do have the right to be outraged that pool streams are currently available on Twitch.

Banning Pool Streams

So, should Twitch enact a new policy to ban pool streams completely? We don’t believe that this is the right choice. After all, even fully clothed men and women can sit near the pool and speak to their audience, showing interesting things that captivate the watcher’s attention.

What the Twitch officials should do is set stricter guidelines when it comes to how people can be dressed while streaming. Many streamers abuse the “I’m at the pool” atmosphere by wearing skimpy clothes. For obvious reasons, this attracts the attention of people, and the pool streaming profiles get more viewership on average.

As it turns out, Twitch does have a policy against nudity and scant clothing. It’s just that streamers are known to try and circumvent this policy and still get their point across on the platform, getting new followers in the process that wouldn’t have followed them if they were making another type of content.

The Future of Pool Streams on Twitch

Regardless of your opinion about pool streams on Twitch, it’s highly likely that they will continue to be made by content creators shortly. Unexpectedly, the Twitch officials may decide to ban pool streams altogether – and some fans of the platform will undoubtedly be excited because of it, while others will be disappointed. We can’t deny that pool streaming can have an artistic effect, too, and it may offer streamers a way to express themselves while getting to a broader audience and, finally, getting paid for it.

But there will always be nay-sayers that will do their best to get pool streaming on Twitch banned and forbidden. These people have their legitimate reasons, too. So, we can only let the time tell us how the Twitch officials will go about solving this problem and whether pool streaming will continue to be a legit type of content on Twitch in the near and distant future. Regardless, we hope that you will have a great time having fun watching your favorite kind of content on Twitch.

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