Precision at a good price, so are the Trust GXT 922 Ybar and GXT 131 Ranoo

If there is something that defines the Trust brand, it is offering quality, benefits and a good price, all hand in hand. Today there are many segments in the gaming market and as such the gaps to fill are still large and it is easy to enter to compete. What is more complicated is offering products that meet expectations and at a reasonable price, which is why Trust is consolidating itself in the market as a reference brand and the two new GXT mice are an example of this.

Trust GXT 922 Ybar and GTX 922W Ybar

There is no doubt that ergonomics is more important than ever due to the number of hours that a gamer can dedicate to a game. Injuries, pain and fatigue appear as the days go by and it is something undesirable for anyone. For this reason, Trust has worked intensively on this new GXT 922 Ybar, a model that also has a twin brother in white that receives the name of GXT 922W Ybar.

Both mice only differ in color, because in terms of their performance it is shown how we are going to see that they are up to the task. We are talking about a mouse with high precision that consists of 6 independent programmable buttons to achieve from macros to any requirement that we ask.

However, it integrates an RGB color system that is fully customizable, being able to select up to 16.7 million colors, totally to our liking. However, it is a mouse that is thought and designed from scratch for right-handed players, since they are the majority in the market and in competitions.

As expected, it has an advanced sensor that allows high precision and fast response to tracking. The brand has not revealed the specific model of sensor, but it has slipped that it will be optical and that it will allow a regulation from 2000 dpi to 7200 dpi, so everything makes one suspect that we are facing a Pixart PMW 3330, although limited, but as we say it is not confirmed since it seems a custom design for Trust.

We do know that it will have an acceleration of up to 20G, a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz and a tracking of 60 IPS.

What we do know is that it will bring a 2.1 meter long braided cable that guarantees both a sufficient distance to the tower as well as a smooth glide and a pointer operation in this mouse.

If we want to get this GXT 922 Ybar mouse in black we will have it available from this moment in the official store of the brand at a price of 24.99 euros. If we want to get the GXT 922W Ybar we will have to wait until August to buy it, since it will arrive a few days later.

Trust GXT 131 Ranoo

While its two superior brothers have more than interesting benefits considering their price, this Trust GXT 131 Ranoo it is surprisingly just as attractive. And is that unlike these two, this mouse has wireless technology for its connection.

This in itself is attractive in a sector where wireless is not usually liked due to the bad (and old) reputation that wireless allowed some lag to slip into the game and the response time of the peripheral. But with current frequency tracking technology this is not only not true, it is uncertain. Therefore, this mouse is not only wireless (RF 2.4 GHz), but it also has nine configurable buttons where one of them gets the rating of “Triple Shot”, thus allowing a greater speed of pulsation for the speed in the most intense games.

Of course, it has an RGB lighting system that is fully configurable to our liking, so that we achieve perfect integration with our setup.

What we can say is that it will be an optical sensor that will be able to track in real time from 800 dpi to 4800 dpi, a somewhat strange range that shows that the sensor will be fully optimized by the brand for this model, this being a PAW 3212 with 10G acceleration, 500 Hz polling rate and 30 IPS of tracking.


What we can say is that it will not reach stores immediately, not even on its official website, since the brand will launch it sometime next month, leaving a time gap between both launches. Likewise, if the price of the GXT 922 Ybar was already good seeing its specifications, that of this GXT 131 Ranoo was not going to be less, since the brand figures it at a final cost of 34.99 euros, taxes included. This is common practice today, where brands work with sensor developers like Pixart to come up with custom products for their models to differentiate themselves from the competition. That is why Trust does not disclose any information about them, at least at this time.

It is really difficult to find a model with so many buttons available and customizable, wireless, with RGB and with a range of DPI so narrow and especially so low, which shows that this mouse is oriented more towards MMO type games than towards FPS. Something normal on the other hand, since that is what their older brothers are for with their greatest benefits for this type of game.

Finally, like these, this GXT 131 Ranoo is a mouse aimed at right-handed gamers and has thus been designed to offer those 9 standard buttons and its Triple Shot click, which is undoubtedly an attraction for those gamers who they always play low DPI to FPS.

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