Prepare your Wi-Fi for this Christmas and don’t be caught off guard

Christmas is approaching and the dates of meetings, meals with relatives and visits. This means that we spend many hours in the same place, so if we want to show a YouTube video, upload videos to social networks or simply browse without the data rate running out, we are going to have to connect to Wi-Fi. This makes it common for visitors to ask us for the password to enter. What can we do to be prepared? We are going to give some tips.

Tips to prepare Wi-Fi for Christmas

Let’s think about that family gathering in which from small children to adults come, each one with their mobile, tablet or any device that pulls the Internet. They ask us for the Wi-Fi password and we have to tell them what it is, failures come because it is a very long password and with all kinds of symbols (as it should be, of course). But we can facilitate this task and avoid problems.

Create a guest network

The first thing we can do is create a guest network. This is very useful precisely for what we have commented: they come home visits and we facilitate that way they can connect, without having to say the long and complex password that we have or even preventing them from connecting to the main network.

We will be able to activate and deactivate this network easily. Sometimes we will have to enter the router through the gateway, but in some models even from the mobile application. In this way, when visitors arrive we simply have to press a button and we already have it active. Later we can deactivate it quickly.

Use a QR with the password

There are different options for sharing the Wi-Fi key with guests. One of them is to use a QR code. This will allow them to connect to the network without having to say the password letter by letter, number by number, and the doubts that always usually appear do not arise.

Generating a QR for Wi-Fi is simple and without a doubt it comes in handy to receive visitors this Christmas. It is one more point that we must take into account to be prepared at all times.

Prepare Wi-Fi repeaters well

Is the Internet connection where we are going to be together? It is a fact that Wi-Fi coverage it is always problematic. Especially in a large home, where we will be eating away from the router. To solve this we can have repeaters and other devices that improve coverage.

The point is that perhaps we have those Wi-Fi repeaters in other areas where we usually connect, but not where we are actually going to use it that day. Therefore, we can think about preparing the amplifiers well so that they actually send signal where we are going to be.

Wi-Fi repeater security

Have everything updated

You can not miss having everything updated. On the one hand, we are going to achieve optimal performance and not have problems when many users connect to the router, but also to avoid security problems, since sometimes vulnerabilities appear that we must correct.

That is why another piece of advice we want to give is to properly update the Wi-Fi router. This also applies to any device that we are going to use to surf the net, since we must always keep everything up to date.

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