Prevent your mobile WiFi from disconnecting with these tips

One of the most used devices WiFi connectivity in our home are smartphones. These types of devices have two main forms of Internet connection, the 4G/5G data network or WiFi connectivity in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band. If your mobile disconnects from WiFi for no reason apparent, and then recover the connection again, today at RedesZone we are going to give you a series of tips so that the connection is more stable and does not disconnect.

Tips so you don’t lose connection

When a smartphone randomly loses WiFi connection, the causes can be several. Next, we are going to explain what the main ones are and what we can do to avoid them.

Disable switch to mobile data

Today’s smartphones have advanced functionality in the area of ​​WiFi networks, which allow us to automatically switch to mobile data in the event that the WiFi network coverage is weak or has been interrupted. This feature is perfect so that the transition from the WiFi network to mobile data when we leave home is really fast, however, it has two negative parts:

  • If the signal is weak, the smartphone could switch to mobile data quickly to always be connected. When the WiFi signal is somewhat stronger again, it will proceed to connect to WiFi and disconnect from the data network. This may cause WiFi outages in order to ensure continuous connection.
  • Higher battery consumption.

Our advice is to disable this feature if you are having outages on your smartphone.

Disable power saving mode

If we enter the advanced WiFi menu of smartphones, we can see a functionality called “energy saving mode”. What this feature does is analyze WiFi connection traffic patterns, with the aim of saving as much energy as possible. However, this functionality could cause the mobile WiFi network to be turned off to save energy.

Our recommendation is that you also deactivate this feature, so that you do not have problems and we discard this section. Most Android smartphones incorporate this functionality, some even have advanced options related to this.

Connect to 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz

The 5GHz band is much more stable than the 2.4GHz network, for this reason, if you are having problems with cuts, our recommendation is that you try to connect to this frequency band. Not all smartphones support the 5GHz band, it is something that you should look at on your specific mobile, because many of them only connect to the typical 2.4GHz.

To find out if your smartphone supports the 5GHz band, you simply have to go to the list of available WiFi networks, if you do not see the WiFi network name (SSID) corresponding to 5GHz of your router, then it does not directly support it, and there is no nothing you can do in this case.

Try to try another router

It is possible that the culprit of the random outages on your smartphone is the router. Being continuously with the mobile, you can perfectly notice the WiFi cuts, while if you have the PC connected by cable, you will not notice anything on this device. It would be recommended that you try another wireless router at home, or try the WiFi connection of a family member or friend to rule out this error, which is usually very common.

Our recommendation is that Mesh networks should always be used in domestic environments, even if they are mid-range, because they will provide you with a truly excellent user experience. Mesh networks allow us to have a main router and several nodes distributed throughout the house, with the aim that we always have the maximum wireless coverage on our device, to achieve the best possible WiFi speed.

As you have seen, there are certain tips that we can give you to solve the annoying problem of WiFi connection cuts.

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