Prevent your phone number or email from appearing in Google searches

Our personal data may end up indexed on web pages in search engines. Information about where we live, what is the mail, telephone number… All this can appear publicly in google searchesAlthough it is something you can avoid. The search engine itself has an option that allows any user to request delete this type of information. We will explain how to do it.

How to remove phone or email from Google

Sometimes our data appears on the Internet without us being aware of it. Can you try searching on google your mobile number, e-mail or even your ID. It is possible that nothing will come out, but it could also happen that for some reason that data has been made public. Perhaps it is not your thing, but a third party where at some point they published personal data.

If you do not want your phone number or email to appear in the Search results from Google, you can avoid it. To do this you have to enter the link to remove personal data that Google has. There you can request that some of your information be removed from the searches, such as your telephone number or e-mail, that you do not want to appear.

From that moment on, Google will review the request that you have sent and will validate it. There you will have to put what type of personal information you want to remove from the search engine, if you have previously contacted the page where it appears, etc. These are data that will be used to process the request and be able to carry it out.

For example, it could happen that your mobile number on a web page specific. In that case, you would have to indicate to Google the URL where that information appears and in this way the search engine will not show results with that personal data. If someone searches for your number on Google, they will not reach that website.

There is no information on how long this process takes, but they do indicate that Google will keep us informed with each step they take. This way we will know when you have finally removed those search results.

Why information is leaked

But why does the phone number or email appear in Google? This happens because somehow has been leaked. It may be that a website where you registered has used it in a bad way or that you even made it public on some platform at some point.

A clear example is the social media. They are widely used to share certain personal information and can sometimes exceed the limits. It could happen that you have put your e-mail or number and that social network appears in search engines and that is why they can find you by these means.

In short, as we have explained, you can prevent your phone number or email from appearing in Google searches. This will help improve privacy when browsing and prevent anyone from knowing certain personal data simply by doing a Google search and being able to find more personal data from there.

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