ProtonMail creates a new free domain for your secure mail

ProtonMail It is considered one of the safest options and the one that best protects privacy when using e-mail. Now a period has been opened so that all users who want to can create a new domain for free. Is about An alternative to the usual one, which is, to allow the name to be shortened and to be easier to give it to another person. The operation is the same, so there will be no changes when using the same account., the new domain of ProtonMail

It should be noted that the user account is the same. That is, we will not have to create a new account with that domain, but simply create it for an existing one. In this way, we will be able to receive emails whether we give the old address or the new one, with the new domain

Something similar is already happening with other popular email providers, such as Gmail. We normally use the domain, for example However, it also works through the domain, such as They are not two different accounts, but rather the same account with a different domain. The same is going to do ProtonMail.

The reason why they have decided to offer this second domain, or at least the main one, is because users wanted one shorter. They did a survey on what they would do to improve the service and many said they would like to have a shorter domain. This is easier to write and also when registering on websites, since if we use a very long address, it may not be possible on some occasions.

But there is something we can also achieve with this: create two accounts of user in pages or online services. It will not work in all, but in some it might be possible. Although it is really the same address, by having two different domain names we could generate two accounts in the same place.

ProtonMail and ProtonVPN open source

Activate the domain before April 30

If you have a ProtonMail account and you are interested in having this new shortened domain for free, hurry up because the term ends in just two weeks. The next April 30th It will be the last day to be able to generate this new domain for free and linked to your existing account.

To request it, you simply have to log in to your account and go to the following URL. There you will have to go to Settings and Identity and addresses. A button will appear to activate the domain It is a simple and fast process that you can do at any time.

Once requested, you will be able to use that new domain to send or receive e-mails. Yes, it will always be linked to your address above, to that of the domain. You can use both interchangeably, depending on whether you are interested in giving one address or another or registering with one or the other on the Internet.

Although the deadline to request it for free ends on April 30, you can use it from that date without problems. Just make sure you request it before the deadline and it will be linked to your address.

In short, if you are looking for secure and private email providers, ProtonMail is a very interesting option and it also now offers a second, shorter domain for free until April 30.

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