Putting a WiFi repeater is not always good, in these cases it is worse

We always want to have a good Internet speed and for this we sometimes use some devices, such as a repeater. However, we do not always achieve our goal. In fact, sometimes it works worse Internet through a Wi-Fi repeater than without him. Why is this happening? In this article we are going to talk about it and give some tips so that your Internet connection works as well as possible.

Internet is worse when connecting the repeater

If this happens, there is obviously a problem. The mission of wireless repeaters is to enhance the signal and allow us to navigate faster and with more stability. Therefore, it would be necessary to see what the reason may be and take measures as soon as possible to improve it.

One of those reasons is that that repeater is not good. It is perhaps the most common. We have some problems with Internet speed, the connection is weak in a specific room and we bought a repeater. However, we don’t take a good look at the specifications and we buy a cheap one and then we see that it really doesn’t work well. It will not improve the speed and quality of the connection we already have.

It can also happen that this Wi-Fi repeater is not bad, but works only in the 2.4 GHz band. This will cause the Internet speed to never be very good. Although we have stability, although the signal can reach further, if what we are looking for is speed, we are not going to achieve it this way.

In addition, another cause is that we have the repeater very poorly located. For example if we put it next to an appliance such as a microwave or near a television. These devices could generate interference and that is going to mean that, when connecting to the repeater, the Wi-Fi signal arrives worse and we will have problems.

Therefore, in these cases, using the Wi-Fi repeater can make the connection worse than connecting directly to the router. Certain measures should be taken to reverse the situation and make it work better.

Repeater with Ethernet port

How to avoid this problem

The first thing you should do is make sure you buy a good wifi repeater. Take a good look at the characteristics, such as the maximum speed, if it is dual band or not, etc. This will avoid problems with the wireless repeater and we will be able to have a good Internet connection or, at least, better than connecting directly to the router.

It is also essential locate it well. Avoid putting it in places where it can receive bad signal and do not put it near other devices that can interfere. Always try to keep it in an isolated place, from where it can distribute the signal well to the areas of the house where we really need to have a connection.

It is also a good idea that the Wi-Fi repeater don’t be too saturated. Avoid connecting many devices to it, since some models may have problems as soon as we connect several devices at the same time. Concentrate the connection on the devices you are going to use the most.

In short, with these tips you can make the connection go better when you use a Wi-Fi repeater than without it. Locate it correctly and avoid problems like the ones we have explained that can hamper its proper functioning.

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