PS5 Console Covers Available In New Colours This June

After months of speculation, the end of 2021 sees Sony finally unveil its colorful PlayStation 5 system covers. Now that the black-and-white system can ultimately be dressed up, Sony has released additional DualSense color selections to go with the new palette.

PS5s come in various colors, and we’ve got you covered. Here’s all you need to know about the brand new PS5 console case.

It could be a long wait if you’re looking to try PS5 consoles in various colors. However, your gaming fun shouldn’t end as platforms like PlayAmo casino don’t require such extra gadgets.

PS5 Console Color Palette

PS5 DualSense controllers come in the same color as your PS5 system (either with a disc drive or a digital-only edition). Every PS5 console case has been made public so far, and more can be seen below.

  • White (original): White is the standard color for the PS5 console cover, and it comes with every Sony gaming console sold. If you want a different color, simply take them off and replace them with the colors available.
  • Cosmic Red: Since the DualSense controller in Cosmic Red was so popular, Sony has released a set of covers for the PS5 in the same color. We are confident that it will be a popular choice.
  • Midnight Black: You can make your PS5 console look a lot darker thanks to a new color option. The only other color you’ll get from this setup comes from the middle lights attached to the black centerpiece.
  • Nova Pink: The Nova Pink color scheme is a sure way to draw attention to your PlayStation 5 system. It’s a terrific pick for dazzlers because of its bright and bold outlook.
  • Galactic Purple: The Galactic Purple colorway is the latest in Sony’s PS5 space theme, and it’s the most distinctive so far. This is pure beauty in a deep shade of purple. Sony is set to release it on June 17, 2022.

Sony is currently selling the new colorful console colors separately. Nevertheless, we expect the company to begin selling the PS5 in other color variants once supply levels of the next-gen platform improve.

When will the official PS5 console covers be available?

Sony’s PlayStation Direct storefront in the UK and US began selling the new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 console covers in mid-January. This was done with a broader rollout via third-party retailers scheduled for February 18, 2022.

However, Sony secretly pushed the release date to March 1, 2022, in the US and UK. Also, no third-party shops are currently offering the kit in the United States.

According to Sony, the Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, and Starlight Blue plates will be released in June 2022. To begin with, PS5 console covers will be available via PlayStation Direct in the United Kingdom and the United States starting on June 17. They will then be available worldwide by July 15.

How much does the new PS5 console cover cost?

Sony didn’t announce prices when it unveiled the new console covers. However, the company later stated that the console covers would cost £45.99 in the UK and $54.99 in the US.

Where can I purchase the official PS5 console covers?

It’s hard to tell where Sony’s new PS5 console covers will be available at first glance, but we’re here to help. Sony and GAME are now selling the already available PlayStation 5 console covers in the Uk. You can only purchase them directly from Sony in the US.

While Sony and GAME are the only place you can purchase the covers from now, more merchants are sure to begin selling the faceplates in the coming months. Here are a few locations you can buy the PS5 console covers:


  • PlayStation Direct – confirmed
  • Amazon
  • GAME – confirmed
  • Currys
  • Argos
  • Very
  • ShopTo


  • PlayStation Direct
  • Amazon
  • The Best
  • Walmart
  • B&H Photo Video & Print
  • Target

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