Put an end to phantom consumption at home, and save money on your electricity bill

What is phantom consumption

We can say that phantom consumption is that which we don’t know what is there. In other words, we all know that turning on an oven, air conditioner or microwave is going to consume a lot of electricity. Also any light bulb that we turn on, the television, etc. But there are things that are there, present at all times, and we don’t really know what they are consuming or how much.

This is the case of a television turned off, but still having the red LED on. This, although not excessive, is consumption. In fact, according to data from the OCU, this can mean between 3 and 5 euros per year depending on the type of TV we have. But just like this example there are many more: washing machines, computers, radios, the router itself…

These devices are connected to electricity, ready for us to turn it on at any time. Take, for example, a microwave that keeps the clock on all the time. The same with many other devices that are part of our day to day and that, although we do not use them frequently, will be part of phantom consumption.

Here we can also mention any charger that you have plugged into electricity. Of course, in this case it will depend on the type it is. For example, if you have a laptop whose charger has an LED that lights up when you connect it to the light, that will always be spending. Also even the mobile charger, although in this case less.

How to avoid spending phantom electricity

So what can we do to avoid phantom electricity consumption at home? It is estimated that the sum of everything can be 7-10% of the total bill. Although we have seen that, for example, a television consumes between 3 and 5 euros in stand-bythe sum of all devices can be quite a bit more.

Something simple and quick to put an end to phantom consumption is simply turn off devices. For example, do not leave the television on Stand By or avoid that radio that you have connected to the light is always plugged in. The same can be applied with laptop chargers, power strips that you do not need, etc.

But the power strips could be very helpful in reducing phantom power. For example, you can connect a television, video player, decoder, game console… Basically any device you have near the TV. You just have to turn off that power strip and all of them will disconnect from the power when you don’t need them.

You can also take advantage of the home automation to reduce phantom power consumption. You can program the switching on or off of household appliances, for example. In this way they will only be on Stand By when you need it. Of course, the best thing in this case to save money is to directly turn them on when we are really going to use them and not leave them on Stand By.

In short, as you can see, phantom consumption can be an important part of the electricity bill. However, you can take into account certain tips that we have explained to reduce its impact on consumption as much as possible.

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