QNAP launches the new QTS 5.1.0 operating system with many new features

The manufacturer QNAP presented yesterday its new QTS 5.1.0 operating system, a new version that represents a quite important revolution in its operating system, because they have not only improved what they already had, but they have also incorporated new functionalities aimed at improving performance, security and also the number of configuration options available. This new operating system, which is currently in beta phase, is available for the vast majority of its NAS server models. Do you want to know all the news?

News in the new QTS 5.1.0

QNAP has incorporated important new features into its new operating system to improve reading and writing performance, in addition, we have an important improvement with everything related to storage and RAID disks. Next, we explain the keys to this new version.

SMB Multichannel and better security

The manufacturer has added the SMB Multichannel feature, allowing you to add multiple network connections to maximize bandwidth, and get better reading and writing speeds when we are on the local network. This is perfect for transferring large files and multimedia content. With this functionality, we can connect multiple network cables from a PC to the NAS, with the aim of multiplying the performance that we will achieve, in addition, if one connection fails, the rest of the connections will continue to work and we will have automatic failover. The operation is really simple, because the system will detect the SMB Multichannel to detect and add the available network routes, it is not necessary for us to make complex configurations. Considering that NAS incorporate several 2.5G or 10G ports, the performance will be multiplied with this new functionality.

Another characteristic is that they have incorporated the SMB signature with AES-128-GMAC, with the aim of improving security in file exchange, and doing so with the highest possible speed without negatively affecting data transmission performance. Only the supported clients will be able to benefit from this feature, which are basically Windows Server 2022, Windows 11 and also Linux based operating systems. This feature enables reading up to twice as fast on 64-bit x86 computers and up to 10 times faster on ARM NAS.

Double factor authentication and delegated administration

QNAP has released an authenticator app for Android and iOS smartphones, this app will allow us to configure the 2-step authentication of the NAS server. In addition, we can authenticate with our username and password plus a one-time password, by scanning a QR code and also approve the login with the app as it happens with Google services. Thanks to this new functionality, we will have quite important additional security in order to avoid intruders on our NAS.

If you work in a company and have multiple users on the NAS, you can improve productivity by delegating the administration to other users. We have the possibility of configuring different user roles (up to 8 different roles) so that they have specific permissions for tasks of team management. In this way, the team administration work can be delegated to different people, without the need for them to have full administration permissions on the team.

Automatic HDD replacement and storage upgrade

If you have configured some type of RAID with a reserve disk, as soon as the server detects that there is a risk of continuing to use that disk, it will begin the transfer of information completely automatically to the reserve disk, with the aim of keeping all the data safe. data before the drive is completely damaged. We must remember that the most critical moment in a RAID is when a disk breaks and all the information has to be reconstructed on another disk, since we are putting a lot of stress on the remaining disks. QNAP has improved the reliability of this system with the aim of safeguarding all the data contained in the equipment.

Other novelties are that several drive evaluation tools have been incorporated, we have SMART, Western Digital Device Analytics, IronWolf Health Management, as well as DA Drive Analyzer to keep everything under control. Finally, the “Storage and Snapshots” GUI has been improved and optimized.

Cloud Management

Another very important novelty is that we have available AMIZ Cloud, a cloud management platform that will allow us to monitor all the QNAP NAS servers that we want, in this way, from the cloud we can easily see the status of all the NAS and fast, since they are all centralized.

We recommend you visit the QTS 5.1.0 official website where you will find more details.

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