Reach level 100 hardcore in Diablo IV and get disconnected right before the final boss

If reach the level 100 in Diablo IV It is already an experience that only some manage to achieve, do it in Hardcore mode it is directly unthinkable for some. The mode in question forces you to play dodging death at all times, since if you get knocked down, the game will end forever. You can imagine the stress of playing this mode, so how would you feel if right at the end of the game the game crashed?

82 hours wasted

Devil Immortal.

What could be a simple anecdote actually hides a desperate event that no one would have liked to suffer in their flesh. the streamer meat celebrated having achieved level 100 in Diablo IV after 82 hours of departure, a feat that is quite important if we have the small detail that he was playing in hardcore mode, that is, with the permanent death activated.

So far so good, however, at one point in the game his character (he had the Barbarian with a spectacular configuration) began to respond strangely, at the same time that the enemies froze.

After a few seconds puzzled, his suspicions came true. The server had dropped the connection and the game had been closed, so the 82 hours of play with level 100, without dying even once and at the gates of the final boss, went straight down the toilet. The game was over, and his character was already in the fallen glories section.

Can the game be recovered?

Diablo IV dungeons

Unfortunately, Blizzard does not respond to any type of request of this type. If the server suffers some kind of sudden disconnection, the game will be lost, and while playing in permadeath mode, your character will simply die.

The problem on this occasion is that the server should not have registered the exit of the game, but rather the character virtually continued in the game, since the cause of death that is reflected in his file is that of “Vampire Bat”. This is not something that exactly encourages players to go into Hardcore mode, but it must also be said that it is quite rare for it to happen.

So now you know, if you dare to try the permanent death mode in Diablo IV, no matter how much you save the game, no one will be able to prevent the internet connection from disappearing by magic, so you are going to have to live in tension all the time. time thinking that this could suddenly happen at any moment.

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