Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Without Email or Phone

If you have tried to access your Facebook account, without success, then the procedure of recovering the account or profile should be followed. Many users encounter difficulties when logging in: forgetting passwords, losing registration email, phone number, and even, invasion or hacking of the account are some of the problems that may arise at the time of logging into the account. In this guide, we help you recover a hacked or compromised Facebook account without email or phone.

Recovering a compromised Facebook account can be daunting, particularly when access to your email or phone is also lost. In such scenarios, Facebook recommends using the trusted contacts feature. This method requires you to have previously chosen friends who can assist in account recovery. Here’s how it works: navigate to the Facebook login page, enter your credentials, and then select ‘No longer have access?’. Following this, input an email or phone number you can access, reveal your trusted contacts, and ask them to send you login codes which you then use to regain access. Interestingly, while dealing with online security and digital management, one might explore other technological advancements likeĀ quantumai, an auto crypto trading platform that exemplifies the integration of artificial intelligence in financial decision-making.

To preserve the peace of mind of its users, Facebook has tools that will enable you to recover your account in a few minutes, as long as the recovery information has been set up beforehand. However, there are several methods you can employ before exhausting all possibilities. Here, at, we will teach you all the ways to recover your Facebook account and how to gain access from now on.

Recovering the Facebook account without the password

The most frequent cause of login problems is undoubtedly the loss of the password to access the account. If you can still access your email and remember your email address, recovering your account will be very simple. Here are the steps you should take.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address in the box and click “Search”.
  3. Then select the ‘Email Code’ option and click on ‘Continue’.
  4. Verify your email and make a note of the six digits Facebook sent you.
  5. Enter the password reset code on the Facebook page and click “Continue.
  6. Set a new password for your account. Then, click “Continue”.

That’s it! You have restored your account and can log in with your new password.

Alternatively, you can also, in the third step above, you can also choose other ways to recover your account, for example, the Google sign-in method.

Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Without Email or Phone

Recovering your Facebook account without email

Forgot your email address or lost access? You can also recover your Facebook account using the phone number linked to the account. For this purpose, just complete the following steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your phone number in the box and click “Search”.
  3. Select the “Send Code via SMS” option and click “Continue”.
  4. Check the Facebook SMS received on your mobile phone and note the 6 digit code.
  5. Enter the security code in the box and click “Continue”.
  6. Set a new password for your account. Then click “Continue”.

That’s it! You have now recovered your account and can log in with your new password.

After this procedure, you will have recovered your Facebook account via the phone number linked to the account.

Recovering your FB account without the password and phone number

If you have lost access to your email as well as the phone number registered, the only option to recover your account is through trusted contacts. To accomplish this, you should have previously filled out the “Choose friends to contact if you lose access to your account” option in the “Security and Login” section of the “Settings” page on Facebook. If you have not done this, this method will not be available for your account.

Recovering the account with help from friends

If fortunately, you have previously indicated friends to contact if account access is lost, you can recover your Facebook account with their help.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address, phone number, username or full name, then click “Search”.
  3. Click the “No longer have access?” link.
  4. Enter an email address or phone number that you can currently access and then click “Continue”.
  5. Click “Reveal my trusted contacts” and fill out the form with the full names of any trusted friends you’ve assigned to your account.
  6. Copy the unique link that appears on the screen and send it to your trusted friends.
  7. Ask your trusted friends to access the link and send you the login codes.
  8. Fill in the form with the recovery codes provided by your friends.
  9. Once you have done this, you have successfully recovered your account with the help of your trusted contacts.

Recovering a compromised or hacked Facebook account

If you suspect that you have lost access to your account because of hacking, Facebook has a special section for this type of contingency: you can report a compromised account via a form. This form is available if you believe that someone else has taken control of your account without your permission, or that you’ve been the victim of a computer virus or identity theft.

  • Go to
  • Click on “My account has been compromised”.
  • Enter your email or phone number and click “Search”.
  • Enter the last password you remember and click “Continue”.
  • Click “Get Started” to begin the account protection process. Next, set your new password when Facebook prompts you to change it, verify your registration email, and then click “Finish”.

Please note: the above procedure may change slightly depending on the information entered.

Recover a Hacked Facebook Account Without Email or Phone

How to avoid losing your Facebook account from now on

Losing your account for any service is unpleasant, especially when it comes to social networks like Facebook, which keeps you and your friends connected and gives you access to other related services. To avoid going through a similar situation in the future, it becomes necessary to take some steps that can ensure that you never lose your Facebook account.

  • Log in to Facebook‘s “Settings” page ( and follow these tips to secure your account:
  • Check your primary email: in the “Contact” section, make sure the email address you see is one you can still access.
  • Add other addresses and phone numbers for account verification: click the “Edit” link in the “Contact” section and then click the “Add another email or mobile number” link to include alternative email addresses or phone numbers. These will come in handy if you lose your password.
  • Change your password periodically: to do this, go to the ‘Security & Login’ page and click the ‘Edit’ button to the right of ‘Change password’. You can also visit our guide to changing your Facebook password.
  • Nominate trusted contacts who can help you recover your account: on the “Security and Login” page in the “Extra Security Setup” section, click the “Edit” button located to the right of “Choose 3-5 friends to contact if you lose access. Then select the friends who will help you in case your account access is lost.

If you follow these tips, it will be impossible for you to lose your Facebook account again. And you can enjoy the social network in peace!

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