Remove these features for the Kodi interface and improve its performance

If we are regular users of this multimedia center, we have probably already realized that it presents us with a completely independent interface to the operating system. In fact, it could be said that when we start the program we are faced with a system of its own and independent from the rest of the installed programs. How could it be otherwise from here we carry out all the unnecessary procedures with our own content.

It also allows the management and reproduction of internet files, or the installation of third-party plugins. It is not a normal player, but from here we can manage and open photos, videos, music, television channels, etc. However, when we work with equipment that is somewhat old or limited in terms of its internal specifications, we can find some performance problems.

Sometimes these can be given by the program’s own interface, sometimes more demanding in terms of resources than we would like. That is why so that none of this affects the reproduction of content as such, we are going to make some adjustments in Kodi itself, as we will see below.

Don’t change: use Kodi’s default skin

When we refer to the Skin or skin in this multimedia center, we are talking about the set of elements that are part of the interface and their appearance that the program developers themselves propose to us. These skins evolve as new versions of the program are released, so they already include their own skin by default. If it is there it is for something, and it is the most appropriate in most cases for that Kodi version specific.

Change Kodi skin

If we have set some other third party interface to customize the look of the media center, we should remove it and set the original Skin. Once the original appearance of the program is established, we can also configure it to improve the performance of the program. software usually. We find a section called Configure skin that presents us with some parameters for it.

For example, we can deactivate the display of additional information, eliminate scrolling animations, etc. With all this we managed to reduce the consumption of resources by this Kodi interface. In parallel, we achieve that the performance in the reproduction of content of video, which at the end of the day is what interests us the most, whatever we would like.

Do not use external add-ons for the interface

Many of you already know that one of the main characteristics of this program is the possibility of adding add-ons from a multitude of repositories. In most cases these are usually independent and developed by people outside the project. Also, these add-ons can refer to both the functionality and the look of Kodi.

We tell you all this because in the event that you have installed a complement of this type and you see that the playback performance, delete it as soon as possible. In fact, unless you have more than enough resources, you should be careful with the installation of many add-ons.

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