Resident Evil: The Board Game, last days on Kickstarter

Resident Evil: The Board Game will still be on the crowdfunding platform for a few days Kickstarter; a funding campaign will soon end that has definitely smiled at the creators of this title inspired by horror genre video games.

Let’s take a closer look at what is expected for this thiol made by Steamforged Games.

Resident Evil: The Board Game, are the last days on Kickstarter

Just under 7,000 supporters, at the time of writing, have decided to join the campaign for the creation of this cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players. The amount raised is close to one million three hundred thousand dollars, definitely one of the most profitable campaigns of this year.

The game is based on the events of the video game Resident Evil from 2002, remake of the title released 6 years earlier on the original PlayStation. The plot starts from Villa Spencer, the abandoned mansion in Raccoon City (which we will also see at the cinema in the new film) where the special team STARS finds refuge after the first clashes with the new threat infected by the T-virus. From here it develops into an open world game based on a scenario campaign with a declared duration of about 27 hours. But each scenario can also be played individually, in a time between 60 and 90 minutes.

On a map that is revealed gradually by solving puzzles and surviving (or escaping) from dangerous enemies move our 4 heroes, among numerous miniatures of monsters each with its own characteristics. The game system takes up the previous two board games set in the world of Resident Evil, with some additions to give an air of freshness to the series.

Resident Evil: The Board Game will be on Kickstarter for a little while longer: the campaign will close on November 11th. There are two levels of contribution: a lighter one, both in price and in content, from about 85 euros; while the Alpha Pledge will indeed contain a lot of material, but at the rather important cost of over 250 euros. Delivery to lenders is expected in March 2023.

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