Dreadful Circus: Portal Games brings the circus back to town

Portal Games has opened pre-orders for Dreadful Circus, his next board game, created by game designer Bruno Faidutti and due out in Essen 2021.

The Essen fair, for those who do not yet know it, is one of the most important world themed board games fairs which will also be attended by various Italian publishers (including Studio Supernova, as we had anticipated in our previous article).

Dreadful circus: a fierce and fast strategy game from the author of Citadels and Diamant

The new creation by Bruno Faidutti is a board game for 4-8 players, from 14 years in su, which can be boarded up in 30-40 minutes. The game artwork was done by Mateusz Bielski And Maciej SimiƄski.

Dreadful Circus is advertised as a “fast paced strategy game” in which players take on the role of circus directors trying to stage the most memorable shows. They do this through negotiation, offer and the mechanisms for collecting “resources”.

From the first information released it seems that we can certainly expect a title in which there will be strong interaction at the table, because in the circus business created by Faidutti the competition at the table can only be fierce!

For more information on the game and to pre-order it, at price of 35 dollars for a copy, just connect to the website of Portal Games here. Pre-orders will include some exclusive bonus cards that will not be made available in the retail version that will be sold by traditional channels.

And are you ready to become the kings of the circus?

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