RHINOSHIELD iPhone 15 Accessories

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Founded a decade ago by engineers who graduated from the University of Cambridge, RHINOSHIELD has become a market leader Spanish when it comes to accessories for mobile devices. The high quality of its products, its cutting edge technology and his commitment with the client has allowed it to emerge as a listed brandeven by the most discerning buyers.

Initially, the company was financed through a campaign in Kickstarter. To launch your first product, a screen saver resistant to shocks, the founders decided to publish a video subjecting it to different tests. It didn’t take long for him to turn viraland overnight, the company enjoyed a popularity without precedents. The rest, as they say, is history.

Nowadays RHINOSHIELD holds the title of one of the brands of telephone products most important in Spain and the world. In September of this year she released a new line of accessories for iPhone 15, and as usual, it has not disappointed. From phone cases and lanyards, to screen protectors and a multi-function bottle to hold your iPhone, you’ll have no problem finding the right one. ideal product for you.


A New and Optimized Product Line

Phone Cases: Unparalleled Protection

iphone casesiphone cases

phone cases RHINOSHIELD are made with ShockSpread technologya flexible polymer which has been used in the company’s products since the days of its founding. It is shock resistant, and is exceptionally useful when it comes to protect the device from any type of scratch or damage. RHINOSHIELD offers cases for iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro and Pro Max. Some of the models that worth highlighting from the last line are the following:

  • SolidSuit: A simple and elegant option. It makes use of the ShockSpread ECO technologyoffering superior quality that is at the same time friendly to the environment. environment. Its model is specially designed for easy gripproviding greater flexibility. It will be easy for you to clean, and its ecological design reduces carbon emissions.
  • NX Mod: The modular design of this practical case will allow you personalize your phone with a wide range of interchangeable accessories. You can adapt it to different occasions according to your needs, providing a unique style to your everyday look.
  • Clear Case: This is a cover stain resistant usually produced by aging and daily use. It is transparent, pleasing to the eye and crystal clear. It has a special coating on the surface that makes it easy to clean, protecting it from stains and scratches little aesthetic. It uses a revolutionary material called ShockSpread LUX, with antibacterial properties that protect your health and guarantee maximum safety. His classic design makes it an ideal option if you want to protect your iPhone while preserving the original look Of the brand.

Phone Lanyards: Convenient and Fashionable

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The laces for iPhone decorative RHINOSHIELD They come in eight different colors, giving you a wide range of options to choose from when purchasing. personalize your phone. You have the possibility to choose between:

  • Standard model: This braided telephone cord has a versatile design that you can combine with different covers and accessories to express your unique style. Used to hold AirPods, AirTags, keys and card holders. It is designed with a hypoallergenic material, safe for all skin types. It’s sturdy, and you can wear it over your shoulder, like a necklace, or hold it in your hand.
  • Dragonne model: This model of RHINOSHIELD comes as one wrist strap customizable and easy to transport. It is available in four colors, and can be used as a bracelet, keychain or belt. You can also hang it on your bag. Additionally, it is designed with a hypoallergenic material, waterproof and antibacterial.

Screen Protectors: Glass Defense

ShockSpreadthe high quality material patented by RHINOSHIELD, Provides up to 10 times more protection for your phone screen. You can say goodbye to scratches and bumps. It is designed for absorb and disperse the force of impactsimproving its resistance and protecting the device in a more efficient way. The models of screen protectors available in the latest line of RHINOSHIELD are:

  • Anti-shock screen protector.
  • Tempered glass protector.

AquaStand Bottle: The Latest in Innovation

iphone water bottleiphone water bottle

AquaStand it’s a water bottle multifunction Designed to hold your phone securely. will keep you hydrous during your training sessions, and you can use it as support when you have Zoom meetings or video calls. If you want to record a hands-free video It will also be very useful to you.

Thanks to its practical magnetic ring, you can attach and detach your phone quickly and easily. Besides, the AquaStand bottle It can be bent into a wide variety of angles, depending on your preferences. It’s compatible with MagSafe devicesideal for preventing falls and protecting your phone.

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