Rick and Morty: Samurai and Shogun, here is the second part of the special short anime

While we still rejoice over the confirmation of Rick and Morty 6, Part 2 of Rick and Morty: Samurai and Shogun, the short film made by DEEN study dedicated to the two protagonists of the animated series of Adult Swim.

The first part of this special production aired on Toonami and then broadcast via streaming in March 2020 as remembered by ANN.

The Lone Wolf and Cub epic comes to life with Rick and Morty: Samurai and Shogun

The short, whose sequel we can admire below, pays tribute to Lone Wolf and Cub, the gekiga-type manga created by the writer Kazuo Koike and by the designer Gōseki Kojima and published in the Japanese magazine Weekly Manga Action between 1970 and 1976.

As told in the original work, there are the wandering samurai “played” by Rick and the shogun child having the features of Morty, with the story taking place in the typical zany style of the American animated series. The anime-style short shows Rick WTM-72 doing his best to keep Shogun Morty from returning to a small army of “Ninja Rick”.

The technical cast of Rick and Morty: Samurai and Shogun includes the director and writer Kaichi Satō, the manufacturer Koji Iijima and the executive producer Maki Terashima-Furuta (President of Production IG USA)

Jason DeMarco, senior vice president and creative director of Adult Swim, said in March 2020 that his team “spent a year putting together a five-minute anime short film Rick and Morty inspired by Lone Wolf and Cub.”

What is the animated series Rick and Morty about?

Rick is a scientist who moved from the family of his daughter Beth, a heart surgeon for horses.

Rick spends most of his time inventing various high-tech gadgets and taking his young grandson Morty – and later grandson Summer – with him on dangerous and fantastic adventures through their and other parallel universes, discovering horrors and wonders. that populate them.

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