Ricochet: this is how Warzone and Vanguard’s anti-cheat system works

Ricochet: the headshot against the rags

From Activision they had promised that they would work very hard to fight against the great plague that affected their star game. And it is that there are thousands of PC users who make use of tools with which they can automatically target their opponents and even be able to see behind walls, so the Warzone gaming experience had ceased to be what it was.

But the solution is already here, and it’s called Ricochet. Activision’s new and innovative anti-cheat system is responsible for combating hacks thanks to a series of tools installed on the game’s servers, in addition to a new driver that will run on the PC of the player. This controller will be in charge of monitoring which applications try to interact and manipulate the official files of Call of Duty: Warzone (and more ahead of Vanguard), so technically there will be no way to run this annoying software.

A resident program?

The controller works at the kernel level, and is activated only and exclusively when Warzone starts, so we will only have to exit the game for the controller to stop working. This means that the Ricochet Anti-cheat driver will not always be active and, most importantly, it will not affect the performance of the computer or our data at any time.

Is it 100% effective?

Call of Duty Vanguard

Activision’s idea with this new system is to completely eradicate the main problem that affects Warzone servers today. Most likely, the creators of these annoying plugins will find methods to bypass the protection, but we hope that the monitoring of these incidents will be constant, something that the company itself has confirmed in its statement.

If it’s only for PC … what about consoles?

If you play on console and in the last few months you have come across cheaters, it is most likely that you were playing with the cross play option active. This allows console players to play alongside PC players, which means they are more likely to encounter these players. Now with the system activated, the cheats disappear, so Xbox and PlayStation players will also directly benefit from the system.

When will it start working?

Warzone Vanguard map

Ricochet will officially arrive when Warzone receives the Pacific update at the end of the year, the new map that will debut after Call of Duty Vanguard hits stores. In order to play this new Warzone it will be necessary to have Rocochet installed, so you will have to have the controller configured yes or yes to play Battle Royale.

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