Sam Neill criticizes a LEGO set dedicated to Jurassic Park

It looks like LEGO played a good joke on Sam Neill, interpreter of Dr. Alan Grant in the films of Jurassic Park, with the same actor who noticed a detail about him present in one of the largest and most loved LEGO sets dedicated to Spielberg’s film.

It was while signing an autograph on a LEGO box that Neill noticed, looking at the back of the box, that his minifigure was not associated with a frame from the film, but with a toilet. He promptly asked the LEGO Group for explanations via Twitter.

The LEGO Jurassic Park: Wrath of the T Rex set caught the attention of Sam Neill

As well as the films dedicated to Jurassic Park And Jurassic World have been successful for Universal, even the LEGO sets dedicated to this franchise have had their positive feedback, recreating some iconic scenes of the saga.

Two years after the release of the set, a rather funny detail is right to the attention of Sam Neill, who autographing the set LEGO Jurassic Park: Wrath of the T-Rex he noticed that, unlike the other actors in the film, on the back of the package his LEGO character is associated with a toilet.

Self Ian Malcom, Ellie Sattler And John Hammond feature an image of the minifigure next to a frame from the movie, the Dr. Alan Grant he is not as lucky.

A decidedly funny detail for us nerds, but perhaps not for Neill, who promptly asked LEGO for an explanation through his Twitter account.

Despite his stern tone, Neill laughed at the matter, although why he was the only character not to have a photo will likely remain a mystery. The fact remains that now the set can easily be renamed “Sam Neill’s Fury”.

Who knows if Dr. Grant will be involved in other similar problems with the sets that will be released on the occasion of Jurassic World: Dominion, as the actor will reprise his original role alongside Jeff Goldblum And Laura Dern. We will look forward to June 10, 2022 to see what adventures Grant will be involved in and if the scenes with him as the protagonist will become LEGO sets.

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