Samsung sets a new speed record for 5G mmWave over a distance of 10 km

Samsung Networks, the branch of Samsung specializing in network equipment, announced that it has achieved a record average download speed of 1.75 Gbps at a distance of 10 km thanks to its 5G mmWave network equipment.

Samsung Electronics claimed to have demonstrated the capability of millimeter wave 5G at fill connectivity gaps after achieving record data rates over a distance of 10 km during trials with Australian operator NBN Co.

As a reminder, millimeter wave (mmWave) technology offers extremely fast download speeds, far superior to those of 4G LTE networks, but it has a major drawback: a short range. It is therefore currently only used in cities and very dense areas. 5G Sub-6GHz, on the other hand, offers slower speeds, but with much greater range. It is she who we find in the peri-urban areasand which constitutes the largest part of the network in France.

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Samsung reaches 1.75 Gbps in 5G over a distance of 10 km

Thanks to its test, Samsung has demonstrated that it will soon be possible to use millimeter waves, often considered the “real” 5G, on a larger scale. Samsung achieved record average speeds of 2.75 Gbps downlink and 61.5 Mbps uplink over a distance of 10 km. At a short distance, we recall that Samsung is already capable of reaching 8 Gbps.

The test conducted by Samsung and NBN used 8CC components, which are an 800 MHz aggregation of mmWave spectrum. This is the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) connection. 5G mmWave 28GHz farthest recorded by Samsung.

To equip the country with such a network, NBN will need a total of 750 million Australian dollars, 480 million of which will come from the Australian government. Samsung and NBN say the new test is an important step in expanding 5G networks not only in dense urban areas, but also in rural areas, which will reduce inequalities within the same country.

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