Samsung shrinks the price, exclusively on its site

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are targeted by many cumulative offers for Christmas. Fall for the high-end smartphone of your choice, you will be delivered before the end of the year holidays.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are premium smartphones running Android. Unveiled less than a year ago, this range revolves around three models that offer a beautiful screen, a large battery, high photo quality as well as very high general performance. With the current discounts, this whole generation of phones is becoming significantly more accessible on the official website. The Christmas holidays are a great opportunity to find the version you need at a reduced price on the store, whether it is to give a gift to a loved one or to yourself.

To benefit from the best price on the smartphone of your choice, you must combine the offers highlighted on the official site. Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S21 can lose up to -50% of its initial price. Let us recall immediately that it is necessary to take action without delay, because some models are already out of stock. These are certainly the last offers put forward by Christmas, jump on this opportunity.

To access offers on Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

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Samsung is really raising the bar for the holiday season. We weren’t expecting the brand to do so hard with the Galaxy S21s on its own official website as Christmas comes in a few days. Moreover, it should be noted that you will receive the smartphone before the date of New Years Eve if you order immediately, express delivery in two or three days is offered. Please note, the shipping time is longer for the exclusive colors on the Galaxy S21 + and S21 Ultra, you will not have them in time to put them under the tree.

How to get the best price on the Samsung Galaxy S21?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are among the best Android smartphones in the world, but also among the most popular premium models with the public. As a result, they remain quite difficult to find – both online and in stores. Several versions, colors and storage formats are regularly not found on the official website and elsewhere. These offers are one more reason to choose one of these phones this Christmas season. Note that you also have up to 14 days to change your mind if you went a bit fast while shopping online. Here’s a look at the ongoing benefits:

  • Up to 160 euros immediate discount
  • 100 euros bonus on resumption
  • A free pair of Galaxy Buds 2
  • Up to -15% on a pack of eligible items
  • 5% in Samsung Rewards points

As for the immediate discount, it is effective across the entire range, but the amount changes depending on the model. It comes into account as soon as you add the smartphone to the basket. Here are the discounts:

  • 60 euros on the Galaxy S21
  • 110 euros on the Galaxy S21 +
  • 160 euros on the Galaxy S21 Ultra

The 100 Euro trade-in bonus is in addition to the initial trade-in amount if you have a phone to return when you pick up the Samsung Galaxy S21 of your choice from the official website. You can determine the amount directly on the store with the simulator, the brand will ask you for the make, model and condition of the device. Once again, the full discount will be applied directly when you order and then you will need to return the phone in question when you receive the new one.

Samsung also offers you the Galaxy Buds 2 when you take a Galaxy S21 (all models and all colors). Wireless headphones are offered, you choose the color as soon as you put the smartphone in the basket. This giveaway is the ultimate of these offers, but the brand doesn’t stop there.

As a last step, Samsung offers packs with the Galaxy S21 and other products. By adding one or two eligible items in addition to the smartphone, you benefit from -10% to -15% on the total amount. If you have any freebies to give or tech references that make you dream, great. Finally, you accumulate 5% in Samsung Rewards point when purchasing the phone, remember to activate the device before validating the order to be able to make other savings on the official store. Adding all of these offers significantly lowers the price of the model of your choice, so don’t wait to take action.

What are the differences between the Samsung Galaxy S21?

If the Samsung Galaxy S21 are all high-end models, there are several differences between each model in this range. Moreover, this generation has three phones: Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. The first is positioned as the standard version which offers a nice grip, the second is an intermediate model and the last is the most upscale with a large screen and a high quality camera.

First, the Galaxy S21 are 6.2, 6.7 and 6.8 inches depending on the model. The whole range comes with an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The design of smartphones is the same, there is a small punched selfie camera on the front panel while the photo module is placed in one of the top corners on the back of the phone. The general aesthetic of this range is very sober, refined and modern at the same time for an appreciable result.

On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S21 are entitled to a robust battery which is respectively 4000 mAh, 4800 mAh and 5000 mAh depending on the model. On each model, we find fast, reverse and wireless charging. No matter which smartphone you take, you have plenty to last more than a day with classic use while the autonomy goes up quickly.

The other strong point of the Galaxy S21 is the quality of the images. Samsung is renowned for the photo offer of its premium smartphones and it shows once again that it is one of the best in the business. All of these models deliver excellent renderings – whether day or night. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the most premium of the range with a quadruple photo module and a main sensor of 108 Mpx. Image processing is also at the top thanks to the presence of the Exynos 2100 chip. If it ensures the correct functioning of the telephone to avoid latencies in all circumstances, it is also this which allows good management of the battery and images. . These models have it all, don’t miss these special Christmas offers.

To take advantage of the offers on the Samsung Galaxy S21, it’s here:

See Samsung offers

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