Samsung will not sell OLED and QD-OLED TVs larger than 65 inches. And reasons are not lacking

We continue with all the information we are receiving related to the next Samsung OLED televisions. The manufacturer has finally decided to take the leap to commit to organic light-emitting diode technology, with two different lines: on the one hand, a family of QD-OLED Smart TVs aimed at the high-end, in addition to a second cheaper range with WOLED panels from LG used in their mid-range TVs (LG A2 and LG B2).

Yesterday we learned that Samsung would not launch any OLED televisions (neither QD-OLED nor WOLED) in South Korea in 2022. The reason is that for years its marketing division has been extolling the benefits of QLED technology, and making it clear that the problems of the OLED panels (retentions and burn-in mainly) make their Quantum Dot screens unrivaled. And now they do not want this negative publicity to affect them, so they will postpone its launch, for now, until 2023.

A Samsung Electronics official said: “The contract to receive the white OLED (WOLED) panel (from LG Display) has not yet been signed, but even if the transaction goes through, the probability of the WOLED TV launching in Korea within this year is very low.

That does not mean that Samsung will not launch OLED televisions in 2022. They are expected to hit the market in June, but at the moment we do not have more information about it. Although several Korean media have surprised with a new announcement: Samsung will not sell OLED TVs larger than 65 inches.

This is why you won’t see Samsung OLED TVs larger than 65 inches in 2022


Samsung aims to sell 500,000 units of its QD-OLED TVs, in addition to 1.5 million WOLED TVs for the mid-range. But from the looks of it, they don’t want to release OLED Smart TVs larger than 65 inches.

And the reason is as simple as that OLED panels can compete with LCDs in terms of manufacturing cost up to that screen diagonal. But from 70 inches, things change.

It should be remembered that the cost of manufacturing LCD panels is plummeting. After a notable rise in 2020 caused by the drop in production generated during the worst months of the COVID-19 pandemic, they caused the price of LCD screens to skyrocket.

Samsung Neo QLED and Micro LED TVs by 2022 Large Micro LED

And now the market is balancing, causing its price to drop significantly. Y Samsung considers that in the 70-inch category, LCDs offer better options at a competitive level. For this reason, all large-format televisions launched by the manufacturer in 2022 will be Neo QLED or Micro LED.

This does not mean that in the future Samsung will join the train of large-format OLED Smart TVs offering larger models., but for this year of 2022 its roadmap will focus on offering 55 and 65-inch OLED models so that users looking for a television with a larger screen diagonal bet on its Neo QLED solutions.

A move that makes all the sense in the world, as Samsung has to first see how its QD-OLED and WOLED TVs perform on the market. Let us remember that the most vitaminized models will have a very high price and that It will be around 4,500 euros for the 55-inch model and 6,000 euros for the 65-inch version.

Anyway, it seems that the deal for the sale of OLED panels has not been closed yet, so We will have to wait for Samsung and LG to reach an agreement to know the final price that their family of Samsung QD-OLED and OLED Smart TVs will have.

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