Samsung’s 4K monitor that serves as a Smart TV now costs less than 300 euros

Samsung Smart monitors are a product that many users may not know in depth, but with offers like this one, many will surely pay enough attention to it. And it is that we are before a model of 32 inches that possibly has everything you need for your office or home office.

The monitor with Smart TV

The peculiarity of the Samsung Smart M7 is that it is a monitor with 4K resolution that has a Smart TV interface so you can enjoy entertainment applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video or HBO. Those users who work from home and want to have a monitor that helps them work and watch movies quietly during leisure time, this model is great, since it allows you to do all of that without relying on a computer or a streaming device.

On the one hand, it includes a remote control from which you can navigate through the different applications that you will install from the official store of Tizen OS, without worrying about the sound thanks to its built-in speakers. You will be able to connect your computer to work on a large screen thanks to its 32-inch diagonal, and you will also be able to send the image from your phone thanks to the connectivity Air Play 2 integrated or with the DeX function of Samsung devices.

It works for almost everything

It is possible that the most demanding of gaming do not see in this monitor the most attractive option, but it is still a chameleon model that could come in handy for many users who do not want to buy a TV and a monitor. However, you must bear in mind that not include tv tunerso it only works with an internet connection and through applications available in the application store.

Among its outstanding features we find a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels (very interesting in 32 inches), a contrast ratio of 3,000: 1, 250 cd/m2 brightness, 60 Hz and HDR10. It has two HDMI inputs (one of them ARC), a 65W USB-C port with which to carry charging and data to a laptop, and three USB-A ports to connect accessories.

A very interesting offer

By €299East 25% discount It feels great to a product that until now had a somewhat high price with its original 399 euros. With the offer price it feels much more bearable and rounds off the product fantastically. So if you were looking for something complete with which to kill two birds with one stone, this could be the monitor option you were looking for.

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