Save 10% of electricity per month just with this gesture

If you like save on the electricity bill, it is important that you control the use of household appliances. Especially, you should control those that have a higher consumption. Now, it is also essential to make small gestures such as ending phantom consumption. You can even save 10% on your electricity bill. Without a doubt, it is a significant saving if you add up the entire year.

He phantom consumption It is, basically, all the unnecessary spending you have per month on electricity. It could be an LED light on, a charger plugged in, a device that you do not use and that you keep connected to the power… All of this can cause your consumption to skyrocket by over 10%.

Turn off what you don’t use

The idea is power turn off what you don’t need have on. We can give many examples. Something quite common is the LED on the television. Do you really need to have it connected, even if you don’t use it? You can simply unplug it completely and plug it back in when you need to use it.

The same can apply to any household appliance that you keep plugged into the power. We can name a microwave, with the clock always on. Also others that you simply keep plugged in, such as a toaster or a coffee maker, even if you only use them occasionally.

All this will contribute to what is known as phantom consumption. It can be a significant part of the total bill each month. It is estimated that it can reach 10% and translate into €40-€60 annually. It will depend on each case, your electricity rate and the quality of devices you have consuming resources in the background.

Therefore, the gesture is as simple as disconnecting these devices that you do not use. You can completely turn off the television, disconnect all chargers, remove appliances that you don’t usually use, etc. The objective is that only what you are going to use in your daily life is connected.

Spend less energy

Beyond turning off everything that contributes to phantom consumption, you can always to make changes to spend less energy. An example is adjusting the temperature of the home. It does not matter if it is summer or winter, since it is always advisable to have an adequate temperature and not consume excessively when using air conditioning or heating.

It is also important that you use appliances well. For example, in the case of the dishwasher or washing machine, you will be able to use the Eco mode. This will help you use less energy, since they will not work at maximum performance. You can wash dishes or clothes, but without overheating the water, for example, which would increase electricity consumption.

Additionally, you can take advantage of tricks like residual heat or home automation. In the first case, it consists of turning off the heating a while before you are going to leave the house or go to sleep. With this, you will save by spending less time on. Home automation, for its part, can be useful to program the switching on of devices and adjust certain functions. Of course, you need to have a good Internet connection.

In short, you can save up to 10% on your electricity bill if you eliminate phantom consumption. It is essential to control the devices you have on and also make good use of them by configuring them correctly or using low power modes.

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