Saving on your electricity bill is easier than you think if you follow these steps

What to take into account to pay less for electricity

Saving on the electricity bill is something that we all want to achieve. Finding a way to pay less is sometimes within reach as soon as we do some settings. As you will see, being informed and knowing how to manage your electrical devices can be really useful.

Check the contracted rate

Something basic is that you review what rate do you have contracted. There are endless options. The most important thing is to differentiate between the regulated rate, which is set by the government, and the free market rates, where you will find a large number of alternatives that may or may not fit what you need.

Once you know what you have hired, the next thing will be to analyze the price and the possible time slots. If you have a regulated rate, the price is marked by public offers and is not negotiable, so you will have the corresponding price each day. In this case, you will also have different time slots, so turning on devices at certain times can be cheaper. On the other hand, if your rate is from the free market, you may always pay the same regardless of the time or you may also have hourly discrimination.

Can you hire a cheaper rate? By reviewing the one you have hired, you can compare with others and see if it is convenient for you or not to change.

Make a plan for the use of electricity

But the previous point is directly linked to making a planning of the use that you are going to give to electricity. Is it convenient for you or not to have time discrimination? To find out, it is essential that you analyze when you spend more light. A family where there is always someone at home, and therefore there is always consumption, is not the same as a home where 1 or 2 people live and work outside and only arrive at night to sleep.

If during the day you are hardly going to use electricity and all the consumption is concentrated in cheaper hours and weekends, you will most likely be interested in a rate with hourly discrimination. Surely the regulated rate will work out better for you, although as we said you will have to analyze your case.

Control household appliances with the highest consumption

Of course, another key point to save energy is control household appliances of higher consumption. Some in particular can represent a very important part of the total bill. For example the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer. Depending on the use you have of each of them, you can save more or less.

For example, something interesting is to control the temperature of the refrigerator. It can amount to between 25 and 30% of the total bill in some cases. Putting the refrigerator temperature at 5-7 degrees is ideal, while the fridge can be around -17 degrees. You don’t need them to be at a lower temperature.

You can also control the programs you use in the dishwasher or washing machine. Small changes can save you money throughout the month. Use eco programs whenever you can.

Maintain refrigerator temperature

change old devices

This factor is essential. A old appliance You can end up spending a very important part of the bill. If you have an older fridge, it could cost three times as much as a newer one or even more. Especially models that are over 20 or 25 years old may be consuming up to 2 kWh each day.

Even if you consider buying a new refrigerator or dishwasher an important economic investment, surely in the medium term you will make the investment profitable by being able to save each month on the electricity bill.

Eliminate phantom consumption

He phantom consumption is another point to consider. It can amount to 7-10% of the bill. They are all the devices that you have connected, even if you are not using them. For example, the red LED on the television, game console, microwave clock… All of this will be consuming electricity.

Whenever you can, the ideal is to disconnect all electrical devices from the current. Although each one hardly consumes, the sum of all can become important.

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