Say goodbye to problems with WiFi at home: alternatives to repeaters

Having problems connecting to Wi-Fi is quite common. You may be trying to connect a computer or mobile to the home wireless network but the signal is weak or the speed is very low. to end the wifi problems, something common is to install a repeater. However, in many cases it is not the best option. We are going to tell you about some alternatives so that the wireless network in your home works as well as possible.

Alternatives to not use Wi-Fi repeaters

If you are thinking of buying a WIFI repeater to improve your connection, think about these alternatives before. Most likely they will be more useful and you will be able to connect devices without problems. A wireless repeater does not always work well and often have significant limitations.

Install PLC devices

A very useful alternative is to install PLC devices. They are devices that connect through the electrical wiring and allow the connection to be carried from one place to another in the house. They are a very good option to cover a considerable distance. In addition, many models allow us to connect both by Wi-Fi and by cable.

Of course, it is important that you correctly install the PLC devices. Avoid putting them on a power strip or next to other devices, as this can affect the signal. The best thing is that you connect them directly to the electricity and as isolated as possible.

Buy a Mesh system

Another option that you have to improve Wi-Fi without the need to use repeaters are the mesh systems. They are very useful to cover a large area. They are made up of different satellites that you can distribute around the house. Unlike repeaters, they do not connect directly to the router but between the satellites.

They are a very good alternative both for a home and any other large space where you need coverage at all times. In addition, you will be able to connect to them without ever losing the connection. You can move around the house or any place where they are configured and you will not lose network at any time.

Change the location of the router

But you will even be able to improve the Internet connection without having to spend anything. simply with change router location You will be able to notice a significant improvement in your home network. Sometimes we put it in a bad place, where it is easier for us or we think it can be useful, but in reality we are going to be limiting the connection.

Try to put the router in a central area of ​​the house. In this way you can better distribute the wireless signal. Failing that, try putting it in an area where you are going to connect more. For example, near a room where you are going to work with the computer or where you have a television with which you need the Wi-Fi to work well to view streaming content.

In short, as you can see there are alternatives to Wi-Fi repeaters. You can improve the speed and quality of the Internet at home with other devices such as PLCs, Mesh systems or even simply changing the location where you have the router. Small changes that can help you a lot. All this will help you navigate the net correctly.

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