Seven series that you cannot miss now with HBO Max

The only condition, apart from being a new subscriber, is that you keep the subscription in order to continue enjoying the 50% discount for life. That is to say, if for any reason you cancel, you change the plan or you do not have a valid payment method, you lose the benefit.

By the way, with this subscription you have up to three devices playing at the same time, five user profiles and unlimited downloads to see the content you like the most offline. In addition, you have an application for Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Samsung TV, LG, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X / S and One, as well as mobile devices with iOS, iPad OS, Android and, of course, also in Chrome OS , macOS and Windows.

The best series to premiere on HBO Max

Come on, now that you know about HBO Max’s promotional offer, let’s talk about their series. Because it is the content that really makes us consider betting on one platform or another. So these are ours recommendations for you to start enjoying the service to the max.

Mare of Easttown

This has been one of the revelation series of 2021, with an imposing Kate Winslet, it is a dramatic thriller very well executed from start to finish. Of the best that you can see on HBO Max and also the most recent published on the platform.

The White Lotus

Comedy and drama come together again in this series called The White Lotus. Another proposal of this same 2021 that has also garnered a critical success among the spectators themselves and the specialized critics.

Secrets of a marriage

Also released this 2021, Secrets of a marriage is a mini-series available exclusively on HBO Max based on the Ingmar Bergman classic that tells the problems that a couple goes through, the decisions they must make, what they learn being together and apart … In short, things you don’t normally see in a relationship of their own, but in most cases they are always there.


With three seasons so far, Westworld is one of the best science fiction series of recent years. Based on the novel of the same name, it presents a story where androids perfectly recreate human behavior so that visitors can carry out all kinds of actions without consequence. The problem is that one day those hosts reveal themselves.

Game of Thrones

It is very likely that you have seen it, but if it is not like that or you want to do it again for the future premiere of The House of the Dragon, the truth is that Game of Thrones It is one of the great HBO series and the reason why many ended up subscribing to the platform when it was broadcast week after week.


A series that catches you from the first minutes. Succession They tell of the problems that the Roy family will have to face in order to maintain one of the most important and multimillionaire empires at the top. The problem is that to do so, family loyalty will be key and it is not something that abounds.

Rick and morty

Despite being an animated series, Rick and morty It is one of those proposals that you must see. You have to give it a chance to be able to assess for yourself whether or not it is to your liking. With a great mix of science fiction and comedy we can tell you that it will most likely be a resounding yes after seeing the first episodes.

A great catalog to discover

It is likely that the HBO catalog does not grow at the same rate as that of other platforms, even so it is not negligible and the quality of its productions is usually very high. So if you are tired of Netflix, Disney Plus, Prime Video, etc., it might be a good idea to give this revamped service a try.

So don’t think too much about it if you want to take advantage of the current 50% promotion. And forget about possible negative experiences with the old HBO app, because this one works much better. Although, yes, the migration from one account to another is not the best executed.

Finally, not only series, HBO Max also has an important catalog of films, such as the recent reissue of The Justice League The Snyder’s Cut.

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