Short Circuit: The LEGO set from Number 5 is on LEGO Ideas

Perhaps riding the wave of the announcement of the arrival of a remake of Corto Circuito, the cult film of 1986 starring the robot called Number 5, a set appeared on LEGO Ideas that, to become a reality, needs the vote of all fans of the franchise.

The LEGO model of Numero 5 (a cinematic robot that also inspired Pixar designers to create the now more famous WALL-E) was created by RJ BrickBuilds and comes complete with motorized drivetrain with LEGO Powered Up! motors

Johnny’s body, arms, head and laser module can also be controlled using the Powered Up app, which will allow us to position the robot’s eyebrows as seen in the film.

A LEGO replica in smaller dimensions (we are talking about almost 60cm in height anyway) of Number 5, in practice.

From Short Circuit to LEGO Ideas sets: here is Number 5 in action!

Here is the video made by the creator of this possible LEGO set, which allows us to see the robot in action now on LEGO Ideas:

The model was made using 2,711 pieces and you can give it your vote, as well as admire it in more detail, on the official project page.

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