Shortage of controllers for Xbox

Microsoft has confirmed something that we have been observing for a few weeks now, and that is that the availability of the Xbox Controller, the Xbox controller that can also be used on other devices, is experiencing a stock outage which makes your purchase very difficult at this time. As you can see in the image below, not even Microsoft has stock, and some of the very few distributors with some stock are taking advantage, unsurprisingly, by increasing prices.

According to Microsoft, the cause of this stock break is due to problems with the supply of the components necessary to assemble the controls. Added to this confirmation is the statement that they are already working on quantifying the volume of demand that they are not managing to satisfy, as well as working with their suppliers to normalize the situation as soon as possible. However, at least for the moment they do not anticipate deadlines for the replacement of stock of the Xbox controller.

Shortage of controllers for Xbox

The situation it does not seem to affect, yes, the custom controls through the Xbox Design Lab service on the official Microsoft website, in which it is possible to start from multiple templates and combine elements to design a controller to our liking.

It seems that this generation of consoles, both PlayStation and Xbox, is doomed to suffer more problems than ever when it comes to shortage of stock. First it was, as you will remember, the consoles themselves, and now we are experiencing a similar situation with the Xbox Controller, which curiously occurs when it seems that the problems of the industry’s supply chain are being resolved.

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