All this you can automate at home before going to sleep

That we can automate at night at home thanks to home automation? There are certain tasks that you can configure to be carried out by themselves at a certain time or simply when you activate something from your mobile. We are going to show some daily actions that you can carry out automatically thanks to having a smart home and, incidentally, being able to save energy in some cases.

Tasks to automate at night

Home automation offers a very interesting range of options in our homes and we can also take advantage of that to carry out certain tasks at night. A way to save time, light and gain comfort as they are actions that we can constantly repeat.

lower blinds

A very useful case in which you can use home automation to automate a task at night is to lower blinds. You may be interested in the fact that during the day the Blinds of a room or even the whole house. But once night comes, you may want to lower all of them as there is no sunlight.

What you basically do is set those blinds to come down when a certain time comes. You will also be able to simply use your mobile and give an order to download it at a given time, when you are no longer interested in it being uploaded.

lights out

You can do the same with the lights. You can set them to turn off at a certain time, for example the light bulb at the front door, outside patio, etc. Maybe you even have a terrace with pets and you want them to have light until a certain time, but then they can turn off automatically even if you are not at home.

You will be able to configure it easily. You can determine what time to turn lights on or off, as well as control them directly from your mobile remotely even if you are not at home at that time.

Regulate the heating

The heating It is another device that you will be able to manage thanks to home automation and control it at night. Surely you are not interested in keeping the same temperature and you can lower it a few degrees to save energy. You can program it so that at certain times it has less power.

You could do the same with air conditioning in summer. Maybe you want to sleep at a comfortable temperature, but you don’t want it to be on all night. Simply program the shutdown at a certain time and that’s it.

Activate motion detectors

One more use that you can give to home automation at night is to activate motion detectors. In this case it will be useful in order to improve the security of home. They will detect the presence of possible intruders and in this way you can take action as soon as possible in case there is any kind of problem.

Even if you are not at home you could also receive alert messages. This will allow you to act quickly. There are many types of motion sensors, alarms and home automation cameras that you can control remotely from your mobile phone.

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