Sky Mavis launches free version of Axie Infinity to attract new players

Sky Mavis seems keen to re-establish the good impression left by Axie Infinity. A week after the attack that stole around $625 million from the game’s network, the company behind the play-to-earn title decided to announce a “2.0” version of the title. And the best: for free.

Axie Infinity “on track”…

Entitled of Axie Infinity: Origin, the game is now available as alpha in early access. If the main game involves NFT characters and cryptocurrency investments, the new free version of the title will focus on fun and serve to attract new players.

In the paid version, for example, players need to invest a few hundred dollars to acquire the initial characters (“Axies”). The good news is that in Origin the game will grant three Axies “on the track” for players to start the journey.

Image: Disclosure/Sky Mavis

“[Em Axie Infinity: Origin] Players experience the universe for free, without having to get involved with cryptocurrencies. Our thesis is that Axie is beautiful, it’s fun. And few people know this because there is a huge barrier to entry. So if we can anticipate the experience and make blockchain onboarding something that happens after activation and interest, we will be able to convert and bring a different kind of audience to the technology.” VentureBeatJeff Zirlin, co-founder of Sky Mavis.

But despite the free ticket, the bad news is players will not collect SLP or AXL rewards during early access to profit from the game. This should be included later, but at first it will just be a way for new players to learn the mechanics.

…and with changes

The free Axies won’t be the only news. Not to mention new cards and power-up elements to boost the pets, Axie Infinity: Origin has optimized sequential turns so that moves are instantaneous right after card plays.

Axie Infinity Origin

Image: Disclosure/Sky Mavis

“We wanted to keep a lot of the spirit of what makes the classic Axie, which is currently on the market, really fun. But we wanted to update the art, the animations — and we wanted to make it faster, a little more responsive.”

now available

It is worth mentioning that the Origin version of Axie Infinity is now available as alpha in early access. Download via Mavis Hub can be done through from this link. Not least, all progress made in this testing period will be reset after the official release.

Source: Sky Mavis/VentureBeat

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