Smart TV Samsung, QLED, 4K and 2021 on offer with 21% discount

Samsung Smart TV from 2021 on sale

The models that Amazon has decided to offer a succulent discount belong to the Q60A range, and in addition to having a panel with 4K resolution with artificial intelligence technology with which to improve sound and image quality, they enjoy Q-Symphony technology, with which to combine the audio of the TV itself with that of a sound bar to obtain an immersive audio experience and multidimensional.

We are facing a model of a fairly advanced range, so it is normal to find a slim design like the one it offers us. This will allow us to hang the screen on the wall in a very discreet way, in addition to placing it in areas where we do not want it to attract too much attention (although the 65 inches will rather take care of the opposite).

Sound with object recognition

Samsung Q60A

Among other of its integrated functions, we will find the OTS Lite, an object recognition system that will analyze the image displayed on the screen so that the sound that comes out of the speakers is reproduced from the exact place where the action takes place, so that, if someone speaks on the screen, the voice can be heard practically from where your mouth is on the screen.

This technology is available in different generations (OTS + is the most advanced) and will depend on the number of speakers included in the screen. In the case of this model offered, it is the most basic version, but in general it works quite well. This added to the function of the sound bar, you can get a very complete and competent sound system.

What other models are on sale?

Samsung Q60A

The range is made up of models of different inches, and Amazon has included several discounts on other versions, such as the 43-inch with a 27% discount, 50-inch with a 24% discount, 75-inch with 14% discount or the 85-inch giant with a slight 7% discount from its official price. As you will see, the offer is quite wide, since you could get a Smart TV of discrete dimensions or another model with which to cover practically the entire wall of your living room. That you can get hold of it is something else.

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