So they can hack and read your WhatsApp chats

How can they read WhatsApp conversations

Keep in mind that in most cases we will have to make some mistake. This is what would allow an attacker to read your conversations and collect private information that you have sent or received. That is why it is important to know what can happen and thus be prepared to avoid it.

whatsapp web open

This method is the simplest and basically it is a user-level error that we should not make. It simply consists of leave the session open of WhatsApp Web. In order to start this service on the computer, verification is required from the mobile. But of course, this happens the first time.

If, for example, we open WhatsApp Web on a public computer, such as a library, another person could have access to the conversations. The same if we leave it open at work or on any computer that is not totally private and is used by another person who has physical access.

export history

Another method is to export your chat history and send it via email. In this case it is also necessary to physical access. Of course, it could happen if, for example, we lose or steal our mobile. Even just having access to the phone for a moment. They could send the history and later read it quietly.

To avoid this, something fundamental is to protect the mobile phone with a password. In this way we will prevent anyone from having physical access and sending the WhatsApp history or any application that we have installed.

Backup Access

WhatsApp allows you to save a cloud backup, specifically on Google Drive. It is useful if we are going to change phones or simply want to have a copy there in case something happens and not lose conversations. But of course, that is available and we can be victims of different attacks.

If an intruder had access to Google Drive, they could read the conversations. It could happen if, for example, there is a vulnerability that allows such access or leaves conversations unencrypted.

Malware with media files

In this case, we are dealing with a technique that hackers can use to control WhatsApp conversations. It is known as kidnapping. media files and it can be done through the installation of malware on the device. They can send a file, and upon reaching the device, the malware modifies it.

This modified file could be used to scam the victim or monitor the chats. It is a technique that exists, although we can easily avoid it. It is best to disable the option to automatically save files that are sent to us. In this way we will only accept those that we see are really reliable. They can sneak malware through WhatsApp.

exploit vulnerabilities

It may also happen that there is some vulnerability in the WhatsApp application. For example, they could exploit some known bug through a GIF file they send. This way they could gain access to conversations and compromise privacy when using this program.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to always keep everything up to date. You must have the latest versions and be able to install the patches that appear to preserve security and privacy.

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