Can they manipulate a WhatsApp call? This you should know

The VoIP calls they are very useful. You can use them, for example, when there is no coverage and you only have access to a Wi-Fi network. Also when you go on a trip to another country and do not have a local card. The quality has improved a lot in recent years, but there is always the question of whether the security is total or there may be risks.

VoIP call handling

WhatsApp It is a different case to other platforms. It is, as you need to provide your phone number in order to start making VoIP calls. There are other services that you simply sign up for and that’s it. In these latter cases, there may be more fraud as it is easier to have an account.

The answer is that they could intercept or manipulate a WhatsApp call. After all, any device connected to the network can become a target of hackers. They can find a way to launch attacks and compromise security. They could sneak in some kind of Trojan to control the device, gain access to the account, impersonate the identity…

Now, the truth is that we can say that making a call on WhatsApp is something very safe. It is, since this platform uses characteristics such as end-to-end encryption, what we have mentioned about needing a mobile number to register, it has anti-Spam measures, etc.

One option that hackers have to manipulate a WhatsApp call is to take advantage of some vulnerability in a network. They could listen to that call, steal data, or manipulate the content in some way. It is not common, far from it. They’re going to need you to connect to a public network, like Wi-Fi at a coffee shop, plus there’s a vulnerability in that end-to-end encryption. But yes, they could manage to manipulate a call.

They could also use the social engineering, Phishing attacks, to control the account and thus have access. They could send you a supposed WhatsApp message, for example, so that you click and deliver your data. They might ask you for two-factor authentication codes, as they would need them to fully access your account.

How to protect yourself

Protecting yourself from these types of problems is quite simple. What you should do, mainly, is avoid making mistakes. Never give out your personal data, or enter through strange links that come to you, or allow them to have access to authentication codes that they send you. All that can leave your account on a tray.

Of course, it is also key to have the protected device. You can install a good antivirus, for example. This will help you detect the entry of malware that could compromise your privacy. In addition, it is convenient to have the latest versions and thus avoid vulnerabilities that may exist.

Another factor to take into account is that, when connecting to public networks, you must be careful. You can always choose to use a VPN. It can help you avoid certain attacks and keep your data properly protected. Options like Surfshark or NordVPN come in handy.

In short, there would be a minimal chance that they could manage to manipulate a voice call on WhatsApp. They could take advantage of certain vulnerabilities or mistakes you make. However, it is not common and you can always take steps to protect yourself. Be careful if they send a false link on WhatsApp.

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