So you can detect that a video is really a deepfake

Many scams can slip through the Internet. We’re not just talking about malware, fake emails, or apps that are actually fraud; They can also simply sneak in a video, audio or photo that pretends to be something that it is not. Especially fake videos have become very popular lately and are used by hackers to cheat. It is also known as deepfake. What can we do to detect that a video really is a deepfake?

How to know if a video is deepfake

To be able to recognize when a video is deepfake You can take into account some recommendations. In this way you will avoid scams and you will maintain your security at all times. Some simple tips can come in handy so as not to be surprised on the net with this type of strategy.

Look for imperfections

The first thing you should do is find imperfections in the video. You can see this especially if you are viewing the video on a large screen and it also has a good resolution. That’s where you can best find imperfections. Therefore, if you can, the ideal is to watch the video in the highest possible resolution.

One strategy used by those who create fake videos is to use a minimum resolution. For example, they may upload them to social networks or use them to share on WhatsApp. In case you are facing a video that you can watch online but it is in a very low resolution, doubt its veracity.

movements and expressions

You can also look at the movements and expressions of people that appear in that supposed real video. Do you notice something strange when talking? Are there movements that don’t quite match what they’re saying? Without a doubt, it is something that we can observe to detect a false video.

For example, a good idea is to zoom in on the image and see expressions on the lips or face. There you can detect if the sound is really linked to the image or if it could have been modified.

blurred areas

When someone creates a deepfake video, it is common for there to be blurred areas. There may even be parts of the image that are blank or a color that doesn’t match what it should. When zooming in or looking closely, you may notice a difference in the color of the image or any area that is not seen correctly.

That will be a sign that you may be facing a fake video. If you detect anything like that, you should be suspicious. Be careful if you receive a video that impersonates another person and you notice any such imperfection.

Find information on the Internet

One more way to detect when a video may be deepfake is search for information In Internet. If, for example, you receive a video via WhatsApp and you doubt its veracity, you can perform a search on social networks or Google. You may find information related to that video and where they indicate that it is something false.

Especially when a video goes viral, in many cases it’s going to be a fake. That is why information can quickly appear on the network warning of it.

In short, as you can see, you have different options to know if you are facing a deepfake. It is important to spot fake videos and not interact when you come across one. This will help maintain security and avoid problems that put your personal data at risk on the network. Just as you can see if a program is safe, you can also take into account tips to detect fake videos or photos.

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