Fix slow Chrome downloads with these 5 tricks

Tips to improve downloads in Chrome

When problems appear with the Google browser, especially when downloading files, it can be caused by different factors. There may be a connection problem, such as weak Wi-Fi or a problem with the router, but this is usually due to a software bug. A bad configuration, something you have installed, malware… That is going to make the downloads in chrome go slow

Check installed extensions

The first thing you should do is view chrome plugins that you have installed. It is true that they are tools that can be useful, such as some to organize tabs, but they could also be a problem for performance. Having extensions in the browser means that they will consume resources and that can affect downloads.

Ideally, you should not have many plugins installed. Also, you should always check that they work fine and that you have downloaded them from official sources. Only in this way will you achieve optimal performance and avoid cuts when you are going to download a file or when you are going to download programs.

Update the browser

Do you have the latest version of Chrome? Without a doubt, this is essential to achieve optimal performance. If not, you should update it as soon as possible. It is not only important to improve performance and fast downloads, but also for security, to avoid cyber attacks.

To update Chrome you have to go to the top right menu, click on Help and go to Google Chrome Information. It will automatically show you which version you have installed and will start the installation process if there is one pending. It is something you should check from time to time.

Beware of the VPN or firewall

Have apps like a vpn or a firewall is important. In fact, they can come in handy to improve security. But they can also become a problem especially for Internet speed or cause continuous outages if proper measures are not taken.

It is essential to use a VPN that works well, that is guaranteed. You should always download it from legitimate sources and see if it works fine. It is undoubtedly something that can affect the speed of downloads in Chrome, so you may even have to turn it off for a moment.

Something similar can happen with the firewall. It is a useful tool to improve security, but it could also be a problem if not used correctly. It may be blocking the browser and preventing it from running at full speed.

Concentrate the connection

This point is very important. If you want Chrome downloads to go fast, a good trick is avoid using the network on other devices or even with other applications. This will also depend on the connection you have, but think about the case of having limited bandwidth and wanting to download a file at the same time that you are watching a high-quality Streaming video on another computer and using the cloud on another device.

Ideally, in this case, the available bandwidth should be concentrated on Chrome downloads. At least for as long as it takes to download the file. This way you will be able to make the most of the available resources.

Clean the browser

Yet another trick is to clean the browser. Here we have to make a couple of mentions: clear the cache and browsing data, but also keep it clean from security threats that may appear. In the first case, what you have to do is go to the menu at the top right, enter Settings, Privacy and security and click Clear browsing data. In this way you can delete the cache and cookies, among other data, and be able to solve certain problems that appear.

On the other hand, it is essential keep browser clean. There should never be any virus, adware, or any plugin that may be affecting the connection. For this you can use a good antivirus and analyze the system to eliminate any threat it may find. This will help speed up your browsing.

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