So you can know if you are consuming more light than normal at home

One of the big concerns we have at the end of the month is how much electricity we will have used. Well, so that the bill does not take you by surprise, we will tell you how to know consumption at all times. And no, it’s not going to the accountant. It is much easier and faster. You can check your electricity consumption over the Internet. For that, you will need your community or your house to have a digital meter installed and register with the web service. Once you have registered, you will only have to wait 48 hours to access your online profile.

Access the digital meter through the web

Today, and with the technologies at our disposal, keeping track of electricity costs is much easier than we think. The first thing you have to take into account is that you need a digital meter to be able to access electricity consumption over the Internet. Once this is known, you should know which company distributes the energy to your home. In this case, we remind you that the company that sells electricity is not the same as the one that supplies it. In Spain we have 333 distributors, of which 5 are the ones with the largest share of the market: Iberdrola, Endesa, Unión Fenosa, Viesgo and E-Redes EDP.

How to know my distributor? For that, you just need to look for the CUPS code that you will find on the electricity bill. This consists of 20 or 22 digits. Once you have this information, you just have to look at the name and the first digits. These will tell you which distributor your electricity supply belongs to:

  • Iberdrola: ES0021
  • Endesa: ES0031
  • Union Fenosa: ES0022
  • EDP ​​networks: ES0026
  • Viesgo: ES0027

You will find this information on the invoice itself, at the bottom where “technical details” or “contract data” are indicated. Once your distributor is known, you have to access its website and register as a user, if you have not done so yet.

How to register

Depending on the company that manages your accountant, you will have to provide different data and access different websites. It is very important that you access the correct website of your distributor, otherwise they will not have your data:

  • iberdrola: the company will ask you to register the CUPS code, your mobile number and your email.
  • Endesa: You need to provide your name and surname, your ID or passport (scanned), address, mobile number and email.
  • Fenosa/ Naturgy: It will ask for your name and surname, as well as your ID or passport and an email.
  • E-Networks EDP: you will have to provide the CUPS code, ID or passport, email and a mobile number.
  • viesgo: you only need your ID or passport and an email.

Once registered, you will have access to the different online sections, among which you will find one dedicated to the “accountant.” Here you can see in real time the type of daily consumption, as well as the contracted power and the current total amount. In addition, other important information that you can obtain is the real consumption that you have had in the following days, ideal for taking the electricity consumption of your home day by day without having to wait for the electricity bill from your supplier to arrive. It is possible that if you try to see the consumption of the weekend on Monday, you have to wait until Tuesday, this is completely normal.

Access via mobile app

Another option offered by some companies is access through their mobile application. As is the case on their website, in this case you will also have to be registered to be able to access the information about your consumption. You will also have options at hand to change your consumption plan, notify and consult a breakdown. On the other hand, some applications such as Iberdrola’s also allow you to change the contracted power and download bills instantly.

Each distributor has its own application for the smartphone, you will have to access with the same username and password that you access via the web. Of course, you could also access through the web browser of your smartphone, without having to download any additional application on your mobile.

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