So you could find someone’s Instagram profile (if they have one)

How to find out someone’s Instagram

Instagram has become for many users is something more than a simple social network based on photography. It is true that this is how it is still known by those who lived its birth, but its own creators have already confirmed that that ended and that they are piloting towards the video. Something that is easy to see just by taking into account new formats included such as stories, IGTV videos or recent reels.

However, for this reason and how the platform is being used, you may be interested in know if someone is on the platform or not. Although the main utility of all this is to be able to find the author of that image that has come to you through messaging applications or that you see on other social networks and want to know who they are from. Because surely you see many photos repeated in different accounts and you no longer know who their real author was.

Of course, before continuing, you have to be very clear that this is something that you only have to use with those images that are shared publicly and with the consent of the person who made it. So if you have doubts, better not do anything. In the event that you are clear that you can, because you want to give him credit, follow him to inspire you with his work or simply enjoy what he shares, go ahead.

To begin with, what information can the possible Instagram profile give us if it has one? Basically, I could say that through any of the data that the platform itself asks you when you create an account. If real data has been used, it can be found. If not, the only hope is to find a photo you have taken, but leave us in parts.

Find a profile by first and last name or nickname

If you know the first and last name of a person and this has introduced them on the platform, it will be very easy to find their profile, although later in that network the nickname does not match and is another. Similarly, if what you have is the nickname you usually use on other social networks you can go to Instagram to enter it and see if it matches. Because the normal thing is that both on Instagram and other social networks such as YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, etc., it is used as long as it is available.

Likewise, we do not always remember the simplest option, which is to see if, knowing your nickname in other networks where you use it, link to the content published on Instagram. This, for example, is common if you go to his Twitter if you have one or his YouTube channel. Because feeding your own networks between all of them in which you are is usual.

Find an Instagram profile from a photo

Instagram Virtual Influencers

Let’s suppose that we do not have any of the above, so you cannot use the Instagram search engine to locate said profile. Don’t worry, there is still an additional option, but you have to know that even though it is normally quite effective, that does not guarantee success in most cases.

In addition to searching for specific data, if the photographs that are published in said profile are public, you can use a image search engine that could track them and thus find the address that would take us to the profile that they are trying to locate on Instagram or their name. For example, as you can see below with this image of Miquela, the virtual influence.

These image search engines are nothing new and, after all, it is something that we should all know because they are technologies that we have in applications such as Google Photos, Apple Photos, Lightroom, etc. That is, those technologies for recognizing faces, animals, objects, etc., are what allow you to use any image to try to locate it throughout the internet.

Through a series of algorithms that analyze and comb each image that is published on the internet, a series of key points that are then compared with the rest of the images to show those that match or may be very similar.

Logically, as you will be intuiting, the more details there are in the photograph, the easier it will be to find it. Because the probability that similar photos will appear will be reduced. So, now that you know all this, how do you make use of this option?

Well, you have several alternatives. On the one hand there is the Google search engine, which in its variant Google Images allows you to drag a photograph onto its search box and it will return the results it deems most appropriate if they exist. Although there are also other options such as DupliChecker, Tineye or Reverse image search.

Once you have the image and have dedicated which option to use, or go testing in case one does not find the exact one and another does, drag or upload it and wait for the results to return. If you are lucky, not only will the image appear, but also a link that will take you to the web address where it is hosted / published.

Why is an image search engine useful?

In addition to serving to find the profile on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., that we are interested in knowing, this is also useful to check where said image has been published before. Which in turn serves to rule out possible fake news or to know if the profile with which we are speaking corresponds or not with the person that we see in the avatar.

That is, these tools can have many practical uses that today on the Internet can be beneficial to know. Because we can avoid many problems, even those related or not with Copyright in the use of certain images.

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