Some MacBook Air and Pro will be added to the list of discontinued devices

MacBook Air 11th discontinued

As new devices are launched at Apple, the oldest ones tend to disappear, they are removed from sale without a trace and at other times Apple leaves them until the time comes to declare them obsolete or better discontinued. This means that Apple stops giving them support as it offers them to newer or more modern equipment. Although the guarantee continues to exist in case you have it contracted and others, but it is no longer the same service. With that in mind, Apple has added to that list adThe new MacBook Air models and a Pro.

Apple is adding a MacBook Pro and two MacBook Air models to its obsolete product list on April 30. The news comes through an internal memorandum from Apple and which has been echoed by the specialized media MacRumors. The three products that will soon be obsolete or discontinued have been on the list of Apple “vintage” products from 2020.

The models that are expected to become obsolete are:

  • macbook 11-inch Air and 13-inch. Both from early to early 2014
  • macbook Pro (13 inches, mid 2014)

Taking this into account, from that date we will no longer be able to buy any of these models in Apple stores, if there are still any left and even if there is, it will not be worth buying them, especially since they will no longer receive the appropriate software updates. and else. When Apple declares a device obsolete or discontinued, it is because Seven years have passed since the company last distributed the product for sale.

As we said before, they are no longer as repairable and the guarantee is not as effective. It is true that the battery can continue to be repaired only in certain countries and for a fixed period. But the rest of the pieces are no longer accessible.

If you have a model of those years, keep it wellIt may become a collector’s item one day.

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