Sony Bravia XR (2022): the new TVs adapt to the viewer thanks to a smart camera

Like every year, Sony is taking advantage of CES in Las Vegas to renew its high-end Bravia XR televisions. This year, six models were unveiled in the XR range, with OLED, Full Array LED and mini LED panels. One of the notable features is the arrival of an integrated camera above the frame to optimize the audiovisual experience according to the user’s location. But not only…

Unsurprisingly, Sony took advantage of CES in Las Vegas this week to present new high-end Bravia XR televisions. This means that they are all equipped with the famous XR cognitive processor. A range made up of 6 models whose sizes vary, like last year, from 42 inches to 85 inches. Unlike 2021, this range benefits from three backlight technologies. OLED, of cours. Full Array LED, as in 2021. And Mini LED, novelty of this new range.

Sony’s Bravia XRs are compatible with a camera that adapts the image to the user

One of the overall trends this year is the adaptability of televisions to the user. Sony is introducing several technologies in this 2022 range, the aim of which is to adapt sound and image according to the location of the viewer and the geometry of the room. The first technology is called Bravia Cam. This is a camera placed above the frame of the television. Its goal: to calculate the distance between the television and the viewer to optimize contrast, brightness, white balance and sound.

sony bravia xr these 2022

As the Bravia Cam is also a camera, it is possible to use it for gesture and voice commands, for automatic standby or for a video call (with Google Duo). There is also a proximity alert feature for children who like to get too close to the screen. Note that two out of six models are marketed with the camera. For the others, it will be necessary to buy the accessory in addition.

The Bravia XR adapts the image but also the sound according to the geometry

Other adaptive technology: 360 Spatial Sound Mapping. Its purpose is to calibrate the various speakers built into the television (as well as the compatible speakers and sound bars attached to it) according to the geometry of the room. Proximity to the walls. Recoil from the viewer. Etc. The goal is to place it at the center of the content and make it believe that the sound is coming from the subject currently on the screen.

sony bravia xr these 2022
Sony Bravia XR Z9K

Of course, the effect will be richer depending on the audio configuration. Some models of Bravia XR integrate three speakers (including a subwoofer), while others benefit from seven: four for the highs, two for the mediums and two for the bass, for a power which can vary from 25 to 85 watts.

Sony replaces Youtube with its own streaming service on its remote controls

Another big change common to all 2022 models: the remote control. She is 36% smaller than the previous one. The number of keys has been almost halved from 49 to 25. For this, Sony sacrifices among others the numeric keys (from 0 to 9) and the colored keys (red, green, yellow and blue). The four shortcut keys remain. But, on the premium version of its new remote control, YouTube gives way to Bravia Core, Sony’s premium streaming service. We are never better served than by ourselves! The standard remote keeps YouTube.

sony bravia xr these 2022

The premium remote control keeps the brushed steel appearance, while the other models inherit a fairly classic matte black model. Finally, the steel remote control is compatible with the localization tool “where is the remote control”, if you ever lose it in a fold of the sofa. This is not the case with the black. Both are compatible Google assistant, as in 2021. Last important point for the whole of this range of televisions: the six Bravia XRs of 2022 are all ” recommended for PlayStation 5 “, obviously. They include a game mode which is activated automatically with the console and the latter will take control of the audiovisual parameters of the television.

Bravia XR 2022: one QD OLED, two Mini LEDs, two OLEDs and one Full Array LED, the choice is yours!

Let’s briefly present the six Bravia XRs unveiled today. At the top of the catalog, you will find the Z9K and the A95K. The Z9K is a model 8K mini LED which comes in 75 and 85 inches. It succeeds the Z9J. The A95K is a model QD OLED 4K declined in 55 and 65 inches which replaces the A90J. They are both 4K @ 120Hz and in-game VRR compatible. They support the PS5’s Auto HDR mode. The Z9K also benefits from Netflix’s adaptive calibration mode, one of the important novelties of this year. It is the only one of this selection. But it certainly will not remain so.

sony bravia xr these 2022
Sony Bravia XR A95K

Just below the A95K you will find the A90K and the A80K, two models 4K OLED more classic. The first is a premium add-on television with all the advantages of its big sister, but in a tighter format: 42 or 48 inches. Here the Bravia Cam is optional (as with all of the following televisions), but the brushed steel remote control is included. It replaces the XR A90J that we tested in September 2021. The second is a more affordable version of the A95K with three large panel sizes: 55, 65 and 75 inches. It replaces the A80J, which was not part of the Bravia XR (and which did not have the famous processor). An improvement in contrast is therefore expected here.

Then comes the X95K, still considered a premium model at Sony. It is a variation 4K (and more affordable) of the Z9K: you therefore find here large slabs (65, 75 or 85 inches) and technology Mini LED. It replaces the X95J. Here too, thanks to the XR processor, colors and contrasts should be improved.

sony bravia xr these 2022
Sony Bravia XR X95K

We end this overview of the Bravia XR range with the X90K which becomes the only Full Array LED model at the start of the year. It is also compatible with PS5, 4K @ 120 Hz and VRR. It comes in 55, 65, 75 and 85 inches. It is positioned a bit like the Bravia XH90 that we tested at the very end of 2020. The biggest improvement comes from the XR processor, of course. On the entry level, we find two very classic LCD models (without an XR processor, but with the X1 processor): X80K and X85K. Here the size range is the most important: from 43 to 75 inches, even 85 inches for the X80K. The X85K remains compatible with important technologies to take full advantage of the PS5. The other one doesn’t.

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Prices and availability dates for all of its televisions have not been announced by Sony. As always, we will have to wait for local announcements to know whether Sony will increase the prices of its highly adaptive Bravia XRs, or if the price will also adapt to the budgets of potential buyers.

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